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EduQuest’s high-quality SAT preparation services are serving to students in port and alternative cities reach their tutorial goals since 2004. Our SAT school assignment Clasess’ are developed through our expertise teaching thousands of scholars to succeed on the check, and that they square measure endlessly updated to require full advantage of the newest innovations in teaching and learning. Prospective EduQuest school assignment course instructors square measure place through a rigorous screening method, and that we solely rent those lecturers United Nations Standard meet our exacting standards. If you are thwarted together with your current SAT scores, the primary factor to know is that lackluster results will usually be attributed to Associate in Nursing inadequate understanding of the check itself instead of a scarcity of educational ability or subject-matter information. Testing anxiety may be a big issue, adversely moving performance by introducing a worry of failure. With EduQuest’s SAT preparation courses, you may learn quite mathematics Associate in Nursingd verbal skills – you may become an skilled on a way to take the check, which is able to offer you a replacement level of each competency and confidence. We’ll conjointly teach you stress reduction techniques which will enhance your performance even a lot of SAT preparation classes can assist you overcome your individual challenges and build the foremost of your abilities.


EduQuest well understands the importance of building every student’s profile to create it competitive for faculty admission. In pursuance of this goal, possibility has brought along a team of extremely qualified trainers and counselors United Nations agency contribute richly to every student’s grooming. We provide well-planned and really versatile course choices for courses like the SAT, Subject SAT, AP and ACT in port. In fact, so asto create our services out there terribly early in a very student’s tutorial journey, we’ve introduced basic SAT classes within which work starts as early as in grade 8! This can be however one manifestation of Option’s innovative and dynamic nature!


Keeping in mind the key requirements of SAT communicating preparation, we provide an in-person designed program of study with effective lesson plans that boost students ‘confidence for the examination. Our distinctive tips, tricks, and capable study strategies focus solely on what’s truly needed to attain the most effective score. Every student gets Brobdingnagian tending with us; we tend to make sure that some time is well used at EduQuest. we tend to believe that real learning takes place once the scholars is actively concerned and our goal is to enlarge the strengths of scholars and to offset no matter weaknesses there is also to show into their strengths.


We use the newest SAT check preparation techniques that facilitate our students to know each thought very well and guarantees to confirm lasting success as student’s want square measure our priorities.

We square measure the world’s leading SAT check preparation service supplier within the port. Our SAT check Preparation course is most well-liked by students everywhere the planet so as to urge into the most effective schools within the U.S.A, Canada, Europe, geographical area, South Asia and Australia. The EduQuest provides extremely acclaimed SAT check preparation material developed by our analysis and Development team. Our SAT course material is that the outcome of the rigorous analysis conducted by our R&D team based mostly within u. s.. The SAT check formats square measure frequently revamped (including a serious revamp in March 2016). Our team of SAT specialists is usually analyzing the newest question patterns, trends, etc. These changes square measure then half-track, studied and applicable methods developed consequently. All of this info is then passed onto our comprehensive SAT manuals. As a result, the team has created world category content for our new courses and online resources to assist students to navigate through the SAT and be ready on check day. These materials square measure then instructed to students by our extremely qualified and authorized SAT instructors.

Different Options for SAT Attempt – Get Complete Assistance from the top SAT Institute in India

For students, who are preparing for higher SAT score by cracking the SAT test, reaching the right SAT institute in Delhi, Gurugram, Pune , Bangalore in India & UAE is a common phenomenon. Main motive behind this preparation is to make students able to get admission in any of the top universities in USA and around the world. Main motive behind preparation for such tests is to make students able to improve their knowledge, skills and understanding that research shows are essential for college and career readings and success.


You will get various SAT attempt options that include 8 week program, 4 week program and private program. You will get SAT Test practice too on every Saturday from 8 classes onwards. They also offer you complimentary admissions counseling session that will help you use your high scores to achieve the highest quality university education possible. For students, who are interested in more comprehensive, step by step, assistance with the university admission process, joining SAT Coaching in Gurgaon EduQuest is the right option to help them. You will get complete and attractive packages that are ideal in a number of ways.


Being a well-established and reputed SAT Institute in India and UAE, 1st Attempt has carved a special niche within a very short span of time for bringing you advanced solutions and support. The wonderful classes are organised with a complete session to make your dream come true.


Some of the added features of classes that you will gain include:-


      1. comprehensive study material and SAT/ACT and AI included along with 10 to 15 full length 1st Attempt Test.

      2. Test Reviews with faculty and progress report update to parents.

      3. We provide Study Material and study Books book.

      4. Onsite library for self study and practice to score higher.

      5. We provide coaching by preparing a road-map for every student.

      6. Section wise assessment, special attention on improvement areas.

      7. Step wise step “improvement ladder” marked on a individual student sheet.


There is a lot more in the test process. You have to register your name, go through the details and contact as per your requirement.

How to Write a Quality SAT Essay in Under 25 Minutes

How to Write a Quality SAT Essay in Under 25 Minutes

If you look through the sample essays in your SAT test prep book, you will realise that despite what people say to the contrary, the most obvious factor that is common among all the published essays is the length. Simply said, long essays generally get higher scores than short essays. But producing a long essay in a short period of 25 minutes can be a difficult task for even an award-winning writer, and even more so for a high school student. But don’t worry, it’s actually not an impossible task. As long as you follow these tips on writing a killer SAT essay in 25 minutes, you should be well on your way in acing your SAT test.

1 Write more than one and a half pages

So now you know you have to write a long essay to get a high score. But exactly how long should you write? Ideally, you should write more than one and a half pages out of the two pages provided to you. In fact, try to finish within the very last few lines of the last page.

2 Write 4-5 paragraphs in your essay

Settle for 4-5 paragraphs that consist of an interesting introduction, 2-3 body paragraphs and a decisive conclusion. An inside source of the Princeton Review has revealed that the SAT essays are first scanned by computers to count how many lines are written and how many paragraphs there are. Essays that are either too short or unstructured (not enough paragraphs) are already given low scores (1-3) by a computer. Your essay is given a score before it’s even read by a real person!

3 “Super indent” each paragraph

Now that you know your essay is being assigned a score from a computer, it’s important that you “super indent” each paragraph so that the computer will be able to identify new paragraphs in your essay easily. You do not want the computer to accidentally key in a low score because it didn’t realise that your essay has met the” 4-5 paragraphs” requirement. Consider applying two-inch indent (at least one full thumb-length) on the first line of each paragraph.

4 Plan an outline, then speed write

Although time is limited, it’s still important for you to set aside the first two to three minutes writing a short outline of your essay. Jot down the gist of your thesis and two convincing examples that prove your point. The more impactful example should be written after the less impactful one.

Once you are done, spend the next 20 minutes speed writing. Remember to stick to your outline and write a decisive conclusion before time runs out. You should have some time to proofread your essay quickly. Time is extremely short though, so force yourself to write a concluding paragraph even in the expense of proofreading. You will not get a high score no matter how well your body paragraphs are without a conclusion.

If you have a couple of minutes to spare after writing your conclusion, check through your essay and make simple edits and corrections while making sure it looks generally neat and tidy

5 Write legibly

It’s easy to let your handwriting look sloppy and messy when you are in a rush. But keep in mind that SAT test readers have hundreds of essays each day. If you don’t write legibly, they will not bother to spend more time than required to read your essay just to decipher what you wrote. You will then risk your essay not being properly read.

6 Write clearly and succinctly

Ensure that you state each of your point clearly and succinctly in each topic sentence. Customise each of your topic sentences to reflect your essay’s thesis. Then elaborate on the topic sentence in your respective body paragraph. Keep in mind that the conclusion is the shortest paragraph in your essay. Try to end your essay with a thoughtful line to stand out to the reader.

7 Don’t be a perfectionist

Remember that you do not have time to write an excellent, well-polished essay. Don’t expect to write your best essay during your SAT. The most important thing is to complete the essay on time.
Follow the given tips and you should be well on your way to write a kicker SAT essay. If you are not used to writing quickly, then remember to practise. You will be accustomed to it after a few times.
Jaime is an independent test preparation consultant specialising in SAT preparation. Apart from helping candidates to improve their scores through a customised SAT course, he actively contributes to websites related to SAT Singapore.


1. Keep your options open

Even if you have set a clear goal that you want to be a student at a certain university, it is always best and wise to apply to at least three universities, even if they are in different locations abroad.
Remember what the Dalai Lama said: sometimes not getting what you want is a wonderful stroke of luck. So don’t be disappointed if you get rejected once or things don’t go exactly as you want. Try to see the bigger picture and don’t allow any obstacle to discourage you.

If you’ve already graduated from a university, you can help future students find their perfect studies as well. Give them a hand by writing a short review describing your experience and make their choice easier. Sharing is caring!

2. Be realistic and informed

Check and read the academic requirements carefully to figure out the probability of being accepted by the university. If you don’t have a clear idea about the requirements, you can contact the department of international students or an adviser from the university. Most of the time, these details will be available on the programmes web page, you just have to look them up and check if they are up-to-date.

3. Discover how you can apply

Usually, you can apply through the website of the university directly and submit all the required documents or send them by post. In some countries, you can apply through a specific online platform that is easier to use and also gives you the possibility to apply to more universities at once. Some of these websites even include additional features that can help you choose your degree, especially if you’re not 100% sure of your future field of study.
And, speaking of websites that can help you with your application process, you should know that you can apply to your dream degree through Studyportals. You can now apply to one of our partner universities abroad. You can do this whenever you want, and it won’t cost you anything.

Check the available Masters and see which of the degrees match your background and interests. Start the application process by filling in your student profile. You will soon get contacted by one of our application counsellors who will assist you further. We’ll then apply on your behalf.

4. Pay attention to details

When you apply to more universities simultaneously through various online systems, make sure you follow the exact steps and place the names of the universities in the order of your preferences.
If you’re not careful, you might end up missing on your favourite study destination so make sure you pay proper attention during the application process.

5. Write a great motivation letter

Some universities will require a motivation letter. You will find many examples on the internet on how a motivation letter should look like. However, it would be better for you to stand out a bit.
You should try to be as honest as possible and share all your experiences that are connected to the academic requirements and your future study programme. Make sure you explain why studying at that university means so much to you and what you can gain and offer while being one of their students.

6. Be careful with the paperwork

All documents have to be translated into the official language of the respective country and legally authenticated by a competent authority. This means an official stamp could stand between you and your degree.
Make sure you read carefully the documents that are required and prepare them as soon as possible. Doing this early offers you a great advantage. If you send the documents and something is wrong, you still have enough time to make the necessary changes.

How to apply to international universities in Europe, China or the U.S.
Some countries have specific requirements or rules for international students. If you are from the EU and apply to a university from an EU country as well, the application process is more likely to be easier and receive a reply faster than if you were a non-EU student.

Check out below some specific particularities and requirements in US, UK, China and some of the countries in the EU.
How to apply in EU countries:
 Belgium
 Italy
 Poland
 UK
 Finland
 Spain
 Portugal
 Denmark
 The Netherlands
 Sweden
 France
 Germany
 Switzerland
 Norway
In the UK, most universities will only accept your application through the UCAS system for a Bachelor degree and if you apply for a postgraduate programme, you can either submit all documents through the university’s own website, or through UKPASS system.

In Italy, Spain, Portugal and Germany, you have to go through a pre-application procedure and check the criteria of eligibility of your prior studies. Mainly, you have to get a response either from the embassy/consulate in your area or the international office of the university about the probability of being admitted.
Most EEA countries require an entrance examination which may be a written test, and depending on your study choice, you may have to additionally pass auditions or present a portfolio.
How to apply in countries outside the EU
In Switzerland, distance education certificates, night school certificates or part-time high schools are not recognised by Swiss universities. This means that you will have to pass the Swiss equivalent for international baccalaureate called maturity examination.

North America
 Canada

If your dream is to study in the U.S., the general recommendation is to start searching for a programme two years before you intend to apply. Furthermore, it is best to contact the university advisors/officers one year before you submit all the documents.
 China
China has set an age limit when it comes to applying for a degree as follows: universities don’t accept students over 30 for a Bachelor’s degree and over 40 for a Master’s degree and a PhD.

 Apply to a university in Australia

Australia has set a helpful system to attract and help international students better understand the application procedure. Through UAC website, Australia provides education advisors/agents in all countries who will offer complete details and information to future international students about applying to a university. Moreover, through Qualifications Framework (AQF) for higher education in Australia, you can also have a clearer picture of the degree names and levels.

Applying to an online degree anywhere in the world

If you decide to go for an online Master’s degree, you won’t have to worry about as many application requirements. You’ll find great options from international universities all across the globe. Here are a few examples:

 Walden University
 The Open University UK
 Royal Roads University
 RMIT University
 University of Birmingham


Attempted – December 2018
Mandavi Mathur, 1580/1600
c/o – Priya Mathur
Total students – 100+ – avg score – 1400
Bangalore – online live classes

Subject Test
maths – 800
physics – 790

Calculus – 5
Physics c – 4
Chemistry – 4.5
Java computer science – 5

Attempted – December 2018
Chetna Goyal, 1580/1600
c/o- Varun Goyal
Total students – 100+, Avg score – 1490
Delhi, course – Classroom & online live

Subject Test
Maths – 800
Physics -800
Chemistry – 800
AP Java Computer Science -5
Physics – 5
Statistics -5

Attempted – December 2018
Amhid Saaed , 1600/1600
c/o – Afzal Saaed
Total students – 100+, Avg score – 1450
UAE – online live classes

Subject Test
Maths – 800
Physics -800
Chemistry – 800
Physics c – 5
Chemistry – 4.5
Statistics -5

Attempted – December 2018
Madhusudan Charan, 1590/1600
c/o – Teresa Charan
Total students- 80+, Avg score – 1490
Gurgaon, course – Classroom

Subject Test
English -790
World History -800
Human Geography -4
Environmental Science-5
World History-5
Literature – 4

Attempted – December 2018
Rishika Reddy, 1540/1600
c/o – Lalitha Reddy
Total students- 60+, avg score – 1510
Gurgaon , course – Classroom

Subject Test
Maths 2 – 800
French(reading and listening) -800

Human Geography -4
Environmental Science -5
Statistics – 5

Attempted – December 2018
Sreeniwas Goenka, 1510/1600
c/o – Rajyalaskmi Goenka
Total students – 80+, avg score – 1490
Noida, course – Classroom

Subject Test
Maths 2 -800
literature – 800

Micro -5

Attempted – December 2018

Tresa Mariya lgnatius 

Bangalore – online live classes

SAT Score : 1470/1600


This placement exam is a difficult exam. Instead of memorizing formulas and calculations, you must understand how to interpret and manipulate statistical data. Don’t waste your valuable study time trying to memorize formulas and equations. Since the purpose of the AP Statistics test is to examine your ability to analyze, understand, and explain fundamental concepts of statistics, the focus is taken off memorization. You will be given a list of formulas and tables to use during the entire duration of the exam. While you don’t need to memorize these formulas, you should still be familiar with them and know how to use them in a variety of ways to solve a variety of problems, order thinking skills. In statistics, there is not just a right or wrong answer. simply reading a textbook is probably not enough for you to really understand complex concepts. That’s where AP Stats video lectures come in!


You will have 2 hours and 10 minutes to answer 60 multiple-choice questions and 3 free-response questions. The 70-minute multiple-choice section is worth 66% of your total exam score, while the 60-minute free-response section is worth 33% of your total exam score.

If concepts like “national income” or “price-level determination” feel overwhelming, dull, or hard to digest, our ultimate coaching of AP Microeconomics classes is here to rescue you from the drudgery! Knowing what to focus on is often the hardest part of preparing for an AP exam, and AP Micro is no exception. You must have a full and deep understanding of important economic concepts, but you must also know how to take the exam and what to expect on exam day. The AP Microeconomics exam places great emphasis on product markets, economic performance measures, the financial sector, economic growth, and international economics, as well as the analysis of charts, graphs, and data to explain these concepts. All AP exams are supposed to be challenging, AP Micro not excluded.

World History

Doing well on the AP World History exam really relies on your ability to understand patterns in history. By familiarizing yourself with trends in history as opposed to memorizing facts, you can get a 5 pointer on  AP World History exam. One skill tested on this exam is your ability to relate documents to one another–this is called grouping. You’ll come across charts of statistics and across maps ability to look at the corners and center of the map. You need to  think about why the map may be oriented in a certain way and you will come across more artistic documents such as literature, songs, editorials, or advertisements, you want to really think about the motive of why the piece of art or creative writing was made and who the document was intended for.


It’s one of the hardest AP exams out there. You need to memorize facts and concepts, but you also have to be able to think scientifically and analytically, which is much easier said than done.  Vocabulary is extremely important in AP Bio, but understanding concepts and making connections is even more important. When you know vocabulary terms inside and out, it is much easier to think analytically, apply terms to different situations, and make important connections. There are a number of concepts, facts, terms, and ideas that are beyond the scope of the AP Biology exam. AP bio exam is extensive and will require a daily practice and learning. So we have included various videos and Quizzes to keep it more interesting.

English literature and composition

This exam will examine your ability to think critically and analyze literary excerpts. The test is three hours long and consists of a multiple-choice portion (worth 45% of your grade) and an essay portion (worth 55% of your grade). The advanced literature generally requires discipline in literary criticism or at least some knowledge of literary criticism, its theories and approach to literature. The composition is altogether a different thing. It is not subjective, there are methods and rules to be learned. Be prepared to read and write a lot, as well as gaining skills in in-depth literary analysis. You will learn how to discuss themes in depth, which will ultimately lead to philosophical discussions. AP English Lit is the gateway into real Liberal Arts studies, so embrace it for its value.