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Message from mentors

Dear all learners

You are all having a quite sharp and logical mind, considering this we talk to all leaner and respecting their views and learning style.
It’s important for anyone who is trying to mentor to be able to understand their student’s position in the learning curve. Now in order to make your student learn, your learning system has to be Adaptive. It should adapt itself with student’s current ability in order to make them progress.

We have defined the levels of teaching
1. Conceptual clarity – Its very important to understand concepts, logical reasoning behind anything (Not cramming)
2. Applying it on questions with target of achieving 100 % accuracy consistently.
3. Efficiency – race with time starts.

Our experience with PSAT/SAT/ACT/AP/Subject Test/Tuition class for any board/Olympiads in noida. Online live coaching SAT in noida and SAT classroom coaching in noida.

We have been providing end to end PSAT/SAT/ACT/AP/Subject Test/Tuition class for any board/Olympiads solutions since 1995 and have extensive experience training various levels of students. The students undergo assessment through our “Diagnostic Test Framework”(adaptive model), that enables designing individual -customised specific modules and preparing for the target examination by both modes, “Online Live” as well as “Classroom Sessions”. Overall we have trained numerous students with amazing results. We also advise students in application writing and guiding them for choosing the right universities, colleges, institutions, End to End service. SAT II online live coaching and AP online live coaching in noida.

We have been invited by schools to conduct seminars and do career counselling sessions with them. While doing such activities we were honoured to prepare students for SAT/ACT- 360 degree approach programme. Eventually right now we are working with prestigious schools in noida, – 360 degree approach programme. Full mentorship programme that includes preparation for various examination like .

• Any board – IB, IGSCE, ICSE, ISC, CBSE
• AP
• Board exam assistance.
• Olympiad and NTSE
• Application end to end support

Career Counselling

Career counselling is a very delicate process if wrongly done; a whole life would be in a great mess.

There are factors that influence career development, your interests, abilities, values, personality, background, and circumstances. This process will help you to know and identify yourself and the world of work in order to make career, educational, and life decisions.

CC is more than deciding on a major student want to do and job you want to get when you graduate. Throughout life situation keeps on changing, technology changes, interests also change and influenced by such many factors life priority also changes. The focus of CC is to not about ability to take decisions at present, but to give you the knowledge, skills and attitude you need to make future career and life decisions. This process will be done with the help of Psychometric test and discussions with the student.

Personality Development

Ever heard about self awareness the better the self awareness the better the life decisions. This is the aim of our Personality sessions.

The goal of these sessions will be revolving around individual student and make their inner and outer personality strong that should be able to see through the circumstances.

Personality development is not about smart looks or social etiquette or ability to speak impressively but it is about that level of maturity that ultimately makes an individual so strong emotionally that nothing can make them feel nervous or hopeless about situation in case of failures. Also keeping in mind the kind of standards students need to meet in their graduation years that me work on every minute detail with them.

We prepare students as per international best practices and this program will support them for long term benefits:

  • Building confidence and boosting enthusiasm
  • Promoting a zealous outlook towards life
  • Imbibing positive thoughts and actions

Personality development means an improvement in all spheres of the individual’s life.These program’s will be designed according to the areas of the need. This programmed will be continued throughout the studies.


• We provide 360 degree approach programme which includes not only customized preparation for the exam but soft aspects will also be taken care of like Personality development, Moral education, debating skills, Presentation skills, Etiquettes.

•.Customized classes, personalized tests

Expert extra support: from videos, books to extra classes through online interactive sessions, unlimited doubt clearing sessions, you have access to the best preparation materials.

• Minimum 100 Hours classes: Students are free to take repeat classes on any topic they want for n number of times.

• Your weak points will be targeted and dedicate work on the same. Students will feel like coming for classes as course will move according to their needs and will always be motivated to pace up and bring efficiency.

Easy approach: We always start our course from elementary level which will make every student feel comfortable with syllabus; we take the student to the higher level in their comfortable speed with regular tests.

Fast results: At final stage of preparation a student can ask for Generation of TEST- they can define the topic, difficulty level, number of questions and skills they want to test. This will allow us to do surgical strikes on student’s improvement areas.

• Up to 600 Questions per level. We have over 10,000 practice questions over dozens of level.

• Realistic questions as per exam. Practice questions are crafted by our exam experts and multiple-edited to be as relevant as possible.

We are offering schools with all years programmes where we will be preparing students for competitive exams and give guarantee of results.


Complete Mentorship programmes in noida at a Glance


360-degree approach

Diagnostic test framework

At every step student gets evaluated and module designing is done according to need area of a student thus continuous mapping is done throughout the course.

Main features of our course
Ø We provide coaching by preparing a roadmap for every student.
Ø Step wise step “improvement ladder” marked on a individual student sheet.
Ø Module based preparation.
Ø Section wise assessment, special attention on improvement areas.
Ø Course ends when student reaches its potential.
Ø Artificial Intelligence based online test
Ø Test Generation facility
Ø Proven “Adaptive model” of coaching, which works on a “Diagnostic test framework” which ensures continuous assessment thus continuous improvement.
Ø We provide rigorous testing phase
Ø Books and all study material will be provided by us

  • Step 1

    • One week would be Student’s Analysis class – this can be in a group/individually followed by Warm-up test to validate our analysis.

  • Step 2

    Warm Test/Mapping test will help us designing better modules for a student. Modules would be designed according to the weak/gap areas of the student.

  • Step 3

    We identify micro gap areas of a student in the class thus provide one-on-one session so that special attention is being given to the student. This is how we are customizing the course according to need areas of a student.

    Three Groups –

    • Platinum – Fast paced and in a group of 1300 – 1500+ group.
    • Gold – Medium paced and in a group of 1100- 1300+ group.
    • Silver – Slow paced and in a group of 800 – 1100+ group.

    Now our AIM is to prepare all the students to be able to reach to the level of 1500+.

    As our aim is to take every student for above 1500 score so we offer unlimited sessions. Minimum is 90 hrs training.

  • Step 4

    Student can ask for Generation of Test – where student can decide on number of questions, difficulty level and topic.

  • Step 5

    Full length test paper – at-least 15 test are there to get attempted by student. We have a bank of 5000 papers like this.

  • Step 6

    Profile assessment, career counselling session, along with psychometric test would be done and reports will be shared with parent.

  • Step 7

    Profile building activities would be advised in case we identify a gap.

  • Step 8

    Profile matching would be done with different colleges keeping in mind profile and interest of student.

  • Step 9

    Writing of SOPs, Essays, LOR would be done.

  • Step 10

    Writing of Scholarship application.


Knowledge of Admissions Process

Years of experience have helped us develop a deep understanding of international admissions processes and gather school specific insights. This is valuable in bridging cultural gaps in both directions between applicants and international institutions. (more…)

Everything about duration and structure of Advanced Placements exams

Read our detailed guide on AP exams structure and duration before going for one

Are you going to appear for AP tests this year? Or maybe planning for one in your future? If you answer yes to any of these questions, then this guide will help you have a better insight into these questions.

In this article we would be dealing with the duration and structure about the various AP exams, plus that, we would also be giving some tips about how to tackle the pressure that you may be presented with those Advanced Placements Tests.

Taking the AP courses/ classes, along with your high school may be some of the most difficult times for you, but if you have an expert at hand to advice you through all this, then things can turn out to be quite great for you. You might be seeing yourself into some of the most prestigious colleges abroad.

Exactly how much time does an AP exam take generally?

All of the tests are about two to three hours long, with a break in between; separating the exam into two main sections. In most of the exams, there is a multiple choice section in the starting, and after the break there is a free- response section. Difficulty and time allotted to each of the sections is different in about all the exams.

The following table will show you the exact time allotted for each of the AP exam you are intending to take:

Advanced Placements testAllotted time
Art History3 hours
Biology3 hours
Calculus AB3 hours 15 minutes
Calculus BC3 hours 15 minutes
Chemistry3 hours 15 minutes
Computer Science A3 hours
Computer Science Principles2 hours
Environmental Science3 hours
Chinese Language and Culture2 hours 15 minutes
Comparative Government and Politics2 hours 25 minutes
German Language and Culture3 hours
Human Geography2 hours 15 minutes
Italian Language and Culture3 hours
Macroeconomics2 hours 10 minutes
Microeconomics2 hours 10 minutes
Music Theory2 hours 40 minutes
English Language and Composition3 hours 15 minutes
English Literature and Composition3 hours
Physics 1: Algebra-Based3 hours
Physics 2: Algebra-Based3 hours
Japanese Language and Culture2 hours 15 minutes
Latin3 hours
Spanish Literature and Culture3 hours
Statistics3 hours
US Government and Politics2 hours 25 minutes
US History3 hours 15 minutes
World History3 hours 15 minutes


In general, for the humanities subjects, the free- response section is longer. Both the sections for each of these exams have a different amount of pressure for the individuals.  We would be discussing about some of them here:

AP English

Both the literature and the language exams take about one hour to work the 55 multiple choice questions, and two hours for the free-response section where you would be working for three essays. The essay part will require you to work on the essay outline, and constructing the essay, and then proofreading it for any mistakes. The fatigue of writing two hours straight can get onto your nerves sometimes.

AP Social Studies

While the AP social studies exams are more easier than the AP English exams, care has to be taken to ensure that you don’t do silly mistakes because you would be having less time and hence would have to be fast.

US Government exam has 60 multiple choice questions to be answered in 45 minutes, and 100 minutes for four free-response questions (25 minutes per response).

AP Psychology has 100 multiple-choice questions in 70 minutes, and two free response questions to be answered within 50 minutes.

World History asks two parts for section 1 and two parts for section 2. The first part of section 1 has 55 multiple choice questions that are to be answered in 55 minutes. The second part is short answer based where 3 questions are to be answered within 40 minutes.

The second section has 1 document based question that has to answered in 60 minutes (15 minutes are given for reading). And a long essay based question for the second part that has to be answered in 40 minutes.

US History ask 55 questions in 55 minutes  for the multiple choice section and requires three short-response answers to be answered in 40 minutes, and a 60 minute DBQ (Document-Based Question) and a 40 minute essay question.

Here, you must be quick through the organizing stage to have quickly draft and editing your responses.

AP mathematics 

For AP Calculus AB, the most popular AP math test, you need to solve 30 multiple-choice questions in 60 minutes without calculator, followed with 15 questions to be answered in 45 minutes with a calculator. While this is more time as compared to the humanities tests above, they are more difficult and require more time per question.

Both AB Calculus and AP Statistics give you 90 minutes to answer six questions, or about a quarter-hour per question for the free response section. For the statistics section, you have to present the written explanation which makes it even more harder to complete within the stipulated time.

AP Science

In AP Chemistry there are 60 multiple-choice questions to be answered in 90 minutes and105 minutes for seven free response questions.

AP Biology has 63 multiple-choice questions and six grid-in questions to be answered in 90 minutes, and 90 minutes for eight response based questions.

There is less time per response, and the section lasts for nearly two hours leaving you more fatigued after the first hour.

Dealing with the fatigue of the Advanced Placement exams

After reading about the most popular exams on the list, you might have figured out the associated fatigue and stress. And dealing with it can be quite easy if you follow the following things regularly:

Practice more

While we may be looking at a ton of practice, the students must remember they have to practice regularly and gradually with time. Taking mock tests in time bound conditions regularly will help you in building the pace for the exam, and would also build your stamina to cope up with the associated fatigue.

Prepare for multiple choice section well in advance

In the multiple-choice section you have to be quick in your response because you would be answering hundreds of questions. You might be taking it around 8 a.m.(unless you have an afternoon slot).

Practicing multiple-choice sections is very important, so that you know the difficulty level well in advance. Some pre-runs of sample problems on the exam morning well before the exam will help you at not being disoriented when you begin reading.

Developing a strategy for answering

You have to have a strategy while taking the exams. Keeping in consideration your strong and weak points, you will be well prepared in advanced as to score better. You should follow a strategy such that you can cover your weak points by your strong points. And for figuring this out some previous papers might be helpful.

Be ready for the test day

Have a good night sleep and a healthy breakfast before the exam, because that might be helpful in keeping you organized. Even more so because most of these exams happen early in the morning at around 8 am.

You can bring some snacks with you, and can eat something at regular intervals. Taking coffee during the exam will help you to be alert, and would keep the ideas flowing that are needed for the essay parts.

Lastly, remember to check the exam schedules, as that comes early in the year.

Go through our explanatory guide on AP Exams if you think taking AP exams classes will be good for you.

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If you are studying in high school, you might have been hearing about Advanced Placement tests , from your friends, or teachers, or even from your parents. Some of your friends might even be taking some of them. So what is this AP tests anyway? and why is there so much hype about it.

Well, for beginners, Advanced placements tests, or classes are taken by the students, in parallel with regular high school education. These courses are designed so as to make any student ready for their undergraduate college education. Their syllabus falls in correspondence to the syllabus that students will be taught in their colleges. College Board currently runs the exam every year, and the exam is officially named as “College Board Advanced Placement Program”.

APs basically came into being in the 1950s as a result of the increased gap between high school education and college education

The APs are taken by students for admission to the colleges in the US, Canada, and at other countries. By taking APs, the students gain college credits that help in their admissions. The syllabus that is usually taught in an AP course is based on what you will be taught in your college. A good credit score will tell the admission committee how ready a student is for their college. The course will reduce your study burden in college as you would know most of the things that are in your syllabus.

Also, your time span of semester would be reduced for the subjects you have taken, because the colleges have that option for the students who have taken AP classes during their high school. AP exams will also tell about how interested you are towards a particular stream.  So for an aspiring engineer, a course in AP physics and AP computers would reflect that you are academically interested for that, and are working towards your goal, and will also prove that you have knowledge in that field.

What subject choices do you have for AP exams/tests?

There are 38 subjects/ courses in total. So as to gain a better edge over their competitors, the students mostly take multiple Advanced Placements courses during their high school’s duration. The exams are a great way to challenge yourself academically. The exams will show the admission committee how committed you are towards building a foundation for your college career, that will ultimately pave your path to a brighter career.

So how much do you have to score in Advanced placements exams anyway?

The AP exams are scored on a scale of 1-5. While getting a 5 pointer on your result is very challenging, it will also ease your chances to get admission to the college of your choice. According to a survey, the harder the subject a student takes, and the better he/ she scores on it, the easier are there chances to get admission to that particular college. Check our post regarding structure and scoring of the exam for better insights.

How much  to pay for the AP exams ?

The fees for taking an AP exam is $94 for each individual test you write. The College Board also offers a financial aid of $32 for those who need it.

As a good inhibitor for starting your career as a whole, Advanced Placements classes and tests from the College Board are a must for you. And you can try them if you are serious about a career abroad.

For a comprehensive study option to prepare for the AP exams, check our other posts also.