AP Physics C Electricity & Magnetism Preparation

AP Physics C Electricity & Magnetism Preparation: It is almost impossible for any of us to imagine the modern-day world without many of its facilities like the metro, telephones, microphones, MRIs, etc. However, the common thing among the above-listed facilities is the fact that the underlying principle of them all is Electricity and Magnetism. Almost every technology that we use be it day-to-day or advanced, all have a basis in Electricity and Magnetism. Thus, students with great curiosity about the surrounding technology, having prowess in mathematics, and a scientific bent of mind choose to pursue a rigorous course such as the AP Physics C Electricity & Magnetism.

The course is a good start for students who are planning to pursue a future in Physical Sciences, Engineering, Math, or Computational Sciences. The main aim of the course is to provide the students with insight and knowledge about various laws that govern many physical phenomenons and the practical application in their daily lives. However, it should be noted that Calculus is a necessary pre-requisite to taking this course.

AP Physics C Electricity & Magnetism Preparation

Electricity and magnetism, although under the subject of physics, are a vast and complex area of study by themselves. Our coaching maps out the best alternative for the student to cover the vital topics required for a good AP Physics C Electricity & Magnetism preparation. The study guide for the course provided by EduQuest for AP Physics C Electricity & Magnetism preparation starts with covering the Electrostatics section. Within the Electrostatics section, topics like Charge and Coulomb’s Law, Electric Field, and Electric Potential, Gauss’ Law along with Fields and Potentials of other charge distributions namely conductors, capacitors and dielectrics.

The principles and working of electrostatics within conductors, capacitance, and parallel plates are also covered. Then the course moves on to talk about Electric Circuits. Basic concepts like Current, Resistance, Power gets built in the minds of the students from scratch. New topics like the steady-state direct current circuits using batteries and resistors, capacitors in circuits, and transients in RC circuits get taught and explained in great detail. With this, we finish the electricity section of our AP Physics C Electricity & Magnetism preparation.

Moving on to the second phase of our preparation, that is the Magnetism section. In this section, we talk about Magnetic Fields and go on to discuss concepts like force on a moving charge, the force on current-carrying conductors, fields of long current-carrying wires, Biot Savart law, and Ampere’s law. The last section under magnetism is Electromagnetism, where concepts like Electromagnetic Induction, Faraday’s Law, Lenz’s Law, Inductance, LC & LR circuits, and Maxwell’s Equations get taught in explicit detail. All of these concepts and topics are of great help in the laboratory and practical work as well. Our comprehensive study guide for the course covers all the sections from the prescribed curriculum in explicit detail to maximize the proper understanding of concepts.

Our Expert Mentors for AP Physics C Electricity & Magnetism Preparation

The teaching faculty employed at the EduQuest for AP Physics C Electricity & Magnetism preparation is well-qualified in their field of study. Moreover, we have experience in dealing with the demands and pressures of vast courses such as Electricity and Magnetism. Our dedicated staff of tutors and mentors always ensure that the learning sessions are interactive. Throughout AP Physics C Electricity & Magnetism preparation, our teaching faculty continues the encourage our students to ask doubt without hesitation. Concept questions and problem sets get discussed regularly with peers and teachers. The interpretation of the given problem set gets done both mathematically and verbally. The teachers prompt the students to have collaborative learning sessions among themselves.

Such activities help students in visualizing the given problem along with its variables and other associated information and apply the required formula and principle appropriately. It also helps build a positive learning space, problem-solving skills, and teamwork skills among the students.

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As per the student’s or/and their parent’s convenience, the entire comprehensive program is available under two price sets. The first set amounts to $152 per month. Under this pricing set, 8 hours’ worth of classes takes place every month, which is $19 per hour. The second set amounts to $80 per month. Under this pricing set, 4 hours’ worth of classes takes place every month, which is $20 per hour.

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