ACT Testing Options: Before talking about ‘ACT Testing Options’, understanding what is ACT and what importance it holds, should be briefly discussed. American College Testing, or better known as ACT, is basically an entrance exam. The examination is a pencil and paper test, in which there are multiple-choice questions. Such an entrance examination is used by most colleges and universities. It determines students’ admission to colleges and universities. In simpler words, the ACT examination is as important as the SAT examination, because it acts as a part of the admissions process. It should also be noted that the ACT examination score is a key component for most college or university application procedures. 

ACT examination is taken in order to determine how prepared is a student for college. Most high school students do prepare and take the ACT examinations. There are four sections in the ACT examination: English, Reading, Math, and Science. The scoring of the ACT is calculated as the average of all the scores achieved in the four sections of the examination. The scale for the scoring is from1 to 36. However, if one takes up the Writing Test – that will be calculated separately. And the total duration of this examination is 2 hours and 55 minutes long; however, if one attempts ACT with Essay, then the total duration will be 3 hours and 35 minutes long. The deadline to register is November 20th.

There are new ACT Testing Options we have discussed in the article of EduQuest. The new ACT Testing Options, help to provide better chances for a student to improve their overall academic achievement and potential. There are four options – ACT Online Testing, ACT Superscore Reporting, ACT Section Retesting, and Remote Testing.

  • ACT Online Testing

ACT Online Testing takes place at designated testing centers. The student has to reach the center and give the examination in a computerized format. The test is either taken on a desktop computer or other such devices. In ACT Online Testing, the advantage is that the test results can be obtained much faster, even though the test’s content and format remain quite the same. Students taking this test online, receive their results within two days. The biggest benefit of this ACT Testing Options, is that – the faster the student receives their results, the faster they are able to apply to different colleges or universities. Such an ACT Testing option has been available since 2016.

  • ACT Superscore Reporting

The concept of Superscore reporting is very different. In ACT Superscore Reporting, the average best score is taken from the four subjects. However, the average of the best scores can be taken from different ACT test attempts. For example, a student might take four attempts of the ACT test, and they can choose each of the best scores from each of the attempted tests. ACT does encourage the format of ACT Superscore Reporting. There are many colleges as well as universities, who do accept the final score results out of this method. A student is allowed to take admission in a college or university via the score results of this test. There are colleges that have their own superscoring policies set up. In such an ACT Testing Options, the student most definitely does benefit. However, it has been proven to be time-consuming.

  • ACT Section Retesting

The ACT Section Retesting is a more understandable option of a test. In such tests, a student is allowed to retake any one or more tests out of the four subjects (English, Math, Reading, Science, and/or Writing). If a student does not perform well in the examination – they can most definitely take a retest for that particular subject. The benefit of such an ACT Testing Options is that a student is allowed to take as many retests as they require. There are no limits to how many times a student can take a retest on a particular subject. Such an ACT Testing Option allows a student to improve their ACT Test point score.

  • ACT Remote Testing

The ACT Remote Testing is very much like the ACT Online Testing option. ACT Remote Testing allows a student to take the examination online, but at home or at any other convenient location. This particularly helps for the times that we are in right now. Due to Covid-19, a student may not wish to give an examination that involves human contact of any sort. The test is obviously taken in a computerized format; however, it does not change the content of the examination. The time duration stays the same as well. This has, therefore, been proven to be a very safe and healthy option for students to wish to give the ACT Test.

The increase in the number of ACT Testing Options has definitely encouraged students to take up such examinations. ACT Test scores are crucial for most high school students. This is because many colleges as well as universities do wish to see the results of such a competitive examination. It simply enhances better chances of getting selected. 

Prepare SAT in one month|Prepare SAT in 30 Days

Practice, Practice, Practice ………………..makes success in SAT/ACT

The Scholastic Aptitude Test, or better known as SAT, is an important competitive examination for students, who wish to pursue an education in a foreign country. The questions in such an exam require skills related to technique and problem-solving methods. In fact, such an examination actually helps a student to study and learn something that is beyond bookish knowledge. For most colleges or universities in the United States, the SAT examination is seen as a standardized test that determines a student’s acceptance.

In an SAT examination, one must prepare for both parts of the paper – one being the Evidence-Based Reading and Writing, and the other being Math. The marking system is divided in such a way as well. The pattern of preparing for the SAT exam is indeed very different from that of other examinations. SAT preparation can be aced within a month if one wishes to truly pursue it and do well. An average student can also obtain a very good rank in the SAT exam. As a matter of a fact, there are ways to work towards a very good SAT score. However, to ace the SAT examination in a month – one must be truly prepared to devote time and determination.

The following can be done in order to get absolutely prepared within a month for SAT:

· Create a schedule

In order to begin SAT preparation, a student must prepare a daily schedule and dedicate time to working on the SAT examination. Since SAT papers have questions divided into different sections – one could prepare each section at one part of the time. It is basically time management. However, a student should first look through the topics, and choose which ones they should work upon first. It is advisable for a student to dedicate a minimum of 5-6 hours a day to prepare for better results.

· Start working on the time limit of each paper.

Each Evident-based reading and writing, as well as Maths papers’ duration, are 180 minutes (if one attempts an essay question, then total timing is 230 minutes) long. A student must time themselves well. In order to complete the entire paper, a student has to divide their time into each section of questions. Some students do not manage to complete their papers. It is wise to keep practicing on mock papers, in order to gain the speed required that help to complete the paper. It is, of course, wiser to attempt the one-mark questions first; however, it is depending on the student on how they wish to set the timeline for each section of questions.

· Preparation Tips:

In the Vocabulary part, which is very vast so try to spend 10 minutes daily and try random words by underlining them in your practice paragraphs rather than referring to a dictionary or any book alphabetically, as you won’t be able to complete even half of it giving you more frustration.

Vocab tip is that the student can try to understand the meaning of the whole sentence and find out the meaning of words that they don’t know as it will make their vocabulary part strong.

In the grammar portion, the student just requires to do revision and practice on the regular basis. Never chase grammar rules because it will force you to cram and blind out your creativity. Practice will make you better not chasing grammar.

In the Reading Part, known to be a critical reading portion, the students need to learn to identify the difference between the main idea and supporting idea, implied and actual meaning. You must learn and understand how to skim through complicated passages with regular practice. Remember, it is more of logical reasoning in Reading so Practice and common sense will rule here.

Now let’s discuss the Math Portion. The SAT Math Test consists of four parts that are Heart of Algebra, Passport to Advanced Math, Problem Solving and Data Analysis, and Additional Topics in Math. Students need to clear the basic concept, practice regularly via study material, mock tests, and etc. They need to learn to identify and solve the problems accurately and quickly by using effective solution approaches. Start with differentiating between already read topics and your weak areas by attempting with a couple of mocks which will help in identifying weak areas. Then start focusing on new areas of learning keeping a balanced approach of practicing your well-known areas too.

· Understand what is your lowest score

A student should give a few SAT mock exams, in order to understand what their lowest score is in the said exam. Once an individual realizes where they are lagging behind, they can work on those weak points. The entire process works as a system, which wishes to function properly. For example, if one person actually starts preparing, it is not only their weaker points that get help – their overall performance is helped as well.

· Find out the highest point score on SAT

SAT scores are basically credit points obtained by correct answers. So, the main focus is to find out the highest point score secured, and based on that, one can aspire to work hard and seek guidance to achieve the same or better point score. 130-200-point scores are highly appreciated and given preference by different colleges as well as universities. It can be obtained within a month if one dedicates at least 75-80 hours of the day for good preparation.

· Have a target score to achieve

An aspiring student should have a target to achieve. A target means having an aspired score, that can be obtained from the examination. It does not necessarily mean full credit in each paper. It means, to secure maximum credit from each paper. Also, a target should always be kept by oneself. It is always good to have certain expectations from one’s own self. It simply inspires one to work towards the goal, and maybe even outdo themselves. Someone else setting a target for a student – creates a kind of peer pressure. Almost every student does have a certain mindset ready to achieve their own set target.

· Research a little

This may sound hectic, but if it is done right – a student might actually walk away with very good knowledge. There are certain topics, such as lexical resource and scatter plots, that a student could research upon to just gain a little more knowledge and understanding. It is just for extra understanding so that the student can prepare better. Once a topic is familiarised in simpler words, it becomes easier to work towards a good SAT score.

· Gather enough material for SAT preparation

SAT preparation does require material for better guidance. There are different kinds of materials that an aspiring student can use for securing very good scores in the SAT examination. Such materials are books, booklets of solved questions, online lectures, etc. The basic reason for gathering materials for SAT preparation is so that one can use all the help available so that they can score very well.

· Attend SAT Coaching

Some SAT coaching centers are actually very helpful such as EduQuest. They provide most of the possible questions that may appear in the exam. SAT coaching has proven fruitful in the past. In such coaching, students get to interact and learn together. The teacher in such coaching should have prior knowledge about SAT preparation as well as the examination. The student availing of such a facility can freely place their queries and clear their doubts.

SAT examinations are of no child’s play. Skill, determination, willingness to learn, the proper understanding of each and every SAT material, etc. – are all very crucial for a student, who wishes to have an excellent rank in the SAT examination. SAT exams is not difficult if good guidance is provided. It does not matter whether a student has been excellent or has been an average student during their school years. Every student, who wishes to score well in the SAT examination, has to go through the same method or pattern of SAT preparation.

Best way to prepare for SAT/ACT

What is the best way to prepare high school students for the SAT/ACT?

SAT (Scholastic Assessment Test)/ACT (American College Testing) is a standardized entrance exam which is organised for high school students for their college admissions in the United States majorly, and it’s not only US but other countries and basically top universities of the world where it is mandatory. There are many other reputed universities where it is not mandatory but in order to compete in this competitive world and in order to make your application impressive SAT always keep a student on safer side. The exam is conducted on behalf of the College Board by the Educational Testing Service. The main motive of the exam is to access the quality and readiness of the students. The students preparing for this test must know the best way to their preparation for a most fruitful result. Here in this article of EduQuest, we have discussed.

Know the difference between SAT/ACT: First of all, the students must know the difference between the test that they are about to appear for. There is a slight difference, the ACT includes a science section and the SAT does not have a dedicated science portion, along with time per question and total number of questions. So the student must know the differences between both the tests and plan their study accordingly to prepare in their best form.

Time management Skills: The students who want to appear for the test must choose their method of preparation i.e. the short term or the long term method. In the short term method, the student will have to work hard devoting 10-15hours per week for 2 months, whereas in the long term the student has time to make their schedule and work for 6 months. It depends upon the student as to how he/she can work best to prepare for the test. Though both the methods works, the longer is seen to be more fruitful as the student can take abundant time to practice and prepare.

Accommodation to the Structure: For best preparation of the test the high school student must know the overall detailed structure, instruction and type of questions of the test. They must become familiar with the content, sections, marks distribution, allotted time and so on. Only after that, the examinee should make his study plan.

Nonfictional reading: Apart from the syllabus, the student must make a habit of reading non-fiction such as newspaper, magazines, articles and so on, this is because in the test he/she will have to answer five long passages within an hour. The student must increase his reading speed, vocabulary and understanding capability so that during the examination he/she does not run out of his drive. Creating a reading habit is one of the best ways to prepare high school students for the SAT/ACT.

Basic mental Maths and Grammar: To score better in the test the student must be efficient. In one of the math section, the student will not be allowed to use the calculator. So to be efficient and to avoid silly mistakes which are most common, the student must practice doing mental Maths. He should start his mental math practice from the very beginning so that during the test he does not need to think twice for a sum. Also, a larger part of the Verbal section consists of basic grammar questions. The grammar that we all know but we tend to forget the rules. The students must clear the basics for this part. It’s not about learning new things but most importantly to refresh and brush the basics, the basic of both Maths and grammar.

SAT/ACT Practice Set: The student needs to know their status of preparation and the relative scores for which they need to practice based on the exam. The best way to prepare is by solving SAT practice test on regular intervals. They should review the practice sets and work on the mistakes. Reviewing is very important for the student to improve the mistakes and to not repeat it on the test day. Also practising with friends is helpful for students to discuss and solve the problem more efficiently. The students can create a group to practice test papers together. If the student feels to lack behind he/she can always opt for coaching classes for further help and guidance.

Score Target: The students must practice in full length as the practice is the only key for a good score. He/she must set a target as per what his goal is. There are three different sectors as to where the student aims for, for Ivy League Universities, for top tier universities and less selective universities. And whatever the choice is the student must plan his study schedule and score target accordingly. They must practice keeping in mind the real scenario that they will face in the final day. They should use a timer to get used to the time limit. And with each time increase their target with lesser mistakes. The scores will make them aware of your strength and weakness and the position where they stand. They can further increase their target and modify their study plan.

Overall, the best way to prepare high school students for the SAT/ACT exam takes a long route but the result would be fruitful.

MIT vs Harvard – which school best for you! Read to know

MIT vs Harvard

Selecting the right school is a big part of the preparation for higher studies. With two great and highest-ranking colleges in Cambridge, namely Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Harvard University, it often gets confusing for students to choose between one of them. Both the institutes are equally renowned, consistently ranked in the top 5 in various college ranking lists, and offer unmatched academic and extracurricular experiences.

Well, we are here to help you make that decision. In this blog post, we have covered all the quantitative and qualitative factors about both the institutes. After going through this post of EduQuest, you will hopefully be better equipped with all the information needed to choose between MIT and Harvard.

MIT vs HarvardAdmissions

  • Acceptance rate

The first thing to consider while preparing and sending out your college applications is the acceptance rate of both the schools. According to the universities’ official statistics 2020, the acceptance rate of Harvard is lesser than MIT’s. While the acceptance rate of Harvard is 6%, it is 6.7% for MIT. This alone does not mean that Harvard is a better school, considering the various kinds of majors and fields of specialization offered by both the schools. But the chances are higher for you to get into MIT than Harvard based on the acceptance rates of both the institutes.

  • Average SAT scores

The SAT is a standard test for college admissions in the United States. And you must have a great academic record with exceptional SAT scores to get into either of these schools. Both the schools require high academic performances with no less than a 4.18 high school GPA. While the average admission SAT score for Harvard is 1500, for MIT it is 1490, according to the universities’ statistics 2020. The difference in the GPA and SAT scores is nominal and it is equally difficult to get into either of these schools.


Although both the institutes require exceptionally high SAT scores, the section-wise average score breakdown might help you with your strategy for college applications and SAT preparations. Following is the section-wise breakdown for average SAT scores requirement in both the schools:

1.      Average SAT score in critical reading


2.      Average SAT score in Math


3.      Average SAT score in Writing


 As the above tables suggest, the Average Sat score required in Math is more at MIT than the other two sections, which are higher for Harvard.

MIT vs Harvard Students and Faculty

  • International diversity

The rate of international diversity shows how popular the school is abroad. The international diversity with students from all over the world not only provides exposure to various cultures and ethnicities but also prepares the students to make important connections and mingle with people of all kinds. While Harvard has 20% enrolment of international students, MIT has 28.5% of students from across the globe according to the 2020 universities’ statistics.

  • The student to staff ratio

The student to staff ratio indicates how many students are there per professor. If the ratio is lower that would mean the students get more attention from the professors.  The student to faculty ratio at Harvard is 6:1, while at MIT it is 3:1. Thus, we can conclude that the student to faculty ratio is better at MIT because there will be a professor for every three students at MIT.


Financial Aid

Both the institutes at first glance look quite expensive, with Harvard having yearly tuition fees of 52,962$ and MIT 53,790$. But most of the students do not have to pay such a high cost of attendance. While none of these institutes offer merit scholarships, they do consider the demonstrated needs. The selection to both the schools is need-blind, that is they do not consider the financial status in their selection procedure.

Harvard is a no-loan institution and families with an income of less than 65,000$ a year, do not need to pay tuition fees. At Harvard families with yearly income between 65,000$ and 150,000$ have the provision of paying only 0-10% of their income as tuition fees.

MIT is not a loan-free institute but offers excellent financial aid. The students ate MIT with family income less than 90,000$ are exempted from paying tuition fees. In conclusion, Harvard is more convenient for people seeking financial aid and relief in the tuition fees.


The important thing to consider while choosing between both these institutions is the field of study you are interested in. Although both the schools offer more than 50 majors, MIT is more suitable for technology, engineering, science, and maths, and Harvard for liberal arts, business studies, and humanities.

For engineering, MIT is ranked #1 while Harvard is ranked #22. Thus, it is advisable to choose between the schools based on the individual majors and fields of study you are interested in.

We have created a list of schools at both the institutions for you to have a clearer idea about the niche of studies offered:


  • School of Architecture and Planning
  • School of Engineering
  • School of Humanities, Arts, and Social Sciences
  • Sloan School of Management
  • School of Science
  • MIT Schwarzman College of Computing


  • Harvard Business School
  • Harvard College
  • Harvard Divinity School
  • Harvard Division of Continuing Education
  • Harvard Graduate School of Arts & Sciences
  • Harvard Graduate School of Design
  • Harvard Graduate School of Education
  • Harvard John A. Paulson School of Engineering and Applied Sciences
  • Harvard Kennedy School
  • Harvard Law School
  • Harvard Medical School
  • Harvard School of Dental Medicine
  • Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health
  • Radcliffe Institute for Advanced Study

MIT vs Harvard Campus Life

  • Sports

Sports and extracurricular activities are equally important while considering any college for admissions.  Both MIT and Harvard have exceptional sports teams. The sports team of Harvard is called Crimsons and the sports team of MIT is called MIT Engineers. The Crimsons compete at the Ivy League and NCAA Division I, while the MIT Engineers compete at the NCAA Division III.

Both the schools have varsity teams in various sports like baseball, basketball, fencing, football, field hockey, swimming, tennis, and volleyball to name a few.

Thus, the options at both the schools are pretty great if you are into extracurricular. But if you are especially looking for a school that has great athletics experience, then Harvard might be a better choice because the Crimsons play at Ivy League and NCAA Division I.

  • Housing

Housing is a major concern for students because students come to Cambridge from all across the globe.  Around 97% of undergrad students live on the campus of Harvard University. The first-year students are placed in suites near Harvard yard and have their meals in Annenberg Hall.  The second-year students reside in the 12 community houses cum dormitories. Around 350-500 students reside in each house which becomes a close-knit community and a home away from home.

In MIT 73% of the undergraduate students live on the campus.  While others reside in independent living groups, fraternities, sororities. MIT has 10 residential halls in operation and recognizes 25 fraternities, 7 sororities, and 5 independent residential groups.


  • Location

Harvard University is located in Cambridge, Massachusetts. The University is a part of the Ivy League and is a private research-based institute. Harvard was established in 1636 and thus one of the oldest learning institutions in the United States.  The main campus of Harvard is 5km downtown from Boston, cantered on the Harvard Yard, with other neighbouring campuses in Allston and Longwood.

MIT is also a private research university. Although it is not a part of the Ivy League, it is no less renowned than an Ivy League school. MIT has an urban campus in Cambridge, Massachusetts, extending for more than 1.5 km along the Charles River.

The location and surroundings of both the schools are beautiful not to mention, you can take various courses at both the places because of their convenient nearby locations.

  • Size

The campus size of Harvard University is much bigger than MIT’s. While Harvard has a campus size of 20.54 square km, the campus of MIT is of the size 0.68 square km.

Even the number of students is more at Harvard as compared to MIT. While Harvard has 6700 undergraduate students, MIT has only 4503 undergraduate students. The number of graduate students at Harvard is 14500, and at MIT it is 6686.

Harvard has more number of schools too. The total number of schools at Harvard is 13, while at MIT it is 6. MIT does not have law or medical schools like Harvard.

Campus size0.68 square km20.54 square km
No. of undergraduate students45036700
No. of graduate students668614500

The above numbers are the university’s official statistics, 2020


Both schools have exceptional rankings when it comes to both national and international comparisons. The competition between both Harvard and MIT can not be reduced to the rankings of one year because it keeps on fluctuating every year. We have prepared the ranking list based on some recent publications for you to have a clearer idea of the cut-throat competition.

 U.S NewsTimes Higher EducationAcademic Ranking of World Universities (ARWU)Forbes

The above rankings are based on publications in the year 2020. The rankings fluctuate every year and with different publications. At some places, Harvard is ranked higher, while at others MIT is ranked higher.


MIT VS Harvard

LocationCambridge, MACambridge, MA
Campus TypeUrbanUrban
Size0.8 square km20.84 square km
Acceptance Rate6.7%6%
Average SAT score14901500
International Diversity28.5%20%
The student to Staff Ratio3:16:1
Financial AidFamilies with income below 90,000$Families with income below 65,000$
No. of Majors5650
SpecializationEngineering, science, mathLiberal arts, business, humanities
Undergraduate enrolment45036700
US News Ranking13
Tuition Fees53,790$ per year52,962$ per year
Ivy LeagueNOYES

Conclusion: MIT OR Harvard, which is better?

Objectively speaking, it is nearly impossible to decide which school is better. It purely depends on you. Both institutions are neighbours and offer a wide range of programs at undergraduate, graduate, and research levels.

The ranking also is more or less the same. Although Harvard is part of the Ivy League, it barely makes any difference in the quality of college experience or academics.

It is advisable to make the decision based on financial aid you are receiving, the cost of attendance, the cost of living, and the field of study.

If you are looking for programs in the field of engineering, science, and maths then MIT is a better option, while Harvard is a good choice for liberal arts, humanities, and business, Social Sciences, General; Biology/Biological Sciences, General; Mathematics, General; Computer Science; and History, General

Similarly, if you are drawn towards athletics then go for Harvard as their teams play for Ivy League and NCAA Division I while the teams of MIT play for NCAA Division III.

How to increase your SAT Reading score: Strategies to Know

If a student is already scoring 600 to 750 on SAT Reading and Writing, then they are scoring well. But still, some of them might want to have an absolute full score of 800 on SAT Reading and Writing, and getting perfect scores not an easy thing to achieve.

But it is not impossible either. If you are prepared to put in the hard work, then it should not b a challenge to you to get an 800 SAT Reading score. Look out for people who have scored an 800 in their SAT Reading and Writing portions, and consider their advice. The internet is flooded with vague advice about how to get the perfect 800 scores, and most of this advice does not help the students at all. You will just have to format your SAT coaching to suit your SAT reading goals and you are halfway there. This article is a guide for all the students who are aiming to improve their scores to the 800 level. If you follow the given instructions, you may reach an 800 score or something very close to that number.

Consider your current score

If you are already scoring 600 on SAT Reading then this article will help you close the gap but if your score remains below 600, then you will need extra help. It is recommended that you should look for materials that will help you reach the 600 score level in your SAT Reading and then come back to this specific article and learn how to close the gap between 600 and 800. SAT coaching has different formats and strategies and the format for a student trying to reach the 600 scores will be different than the format of the SAT coaching of a student trying to reach the 800 SAT Reading score.

Additionally, this article is geared more towards the SAT Reading scores. The SAT has both reading and writing portions, but this article will not be dealing with the writing portion. To get an 800 on SAT Reading and Writing it is essential to get a 40 out of 40 scores in Reading. 


It is not a well-kept secret that scoring high on the SAT will benefit you. Many people and internet blogs are filled with advice on how to get the perfect score but all of them are very generic and lack experience. This article will discuss the reasons why aiming for an 800 score in SAT Reading and Writing is a good idea and how to go about it. Instead of offering generic advice such as “Do not forget to guess every question!”, we are going to provide you with specific tips and tricks you can include in your SAT preparation. On top of that, all the updates on the SAT exam have been considered while writing this article of EduQuest, so the student will not face an issue there.

Why should I aim for an 800 score on my SAT Reading and Writing?

Facts and Figures are important when discussing SAT scores. An SAT score of 1550 or above is going to be seen as the same as an SAT 1600 score. No institution will be giving you more credit for getting 1590 that a 1560 score in SAT. This is because according to them you have already crossed a certain level and now the rest of the application process will depend on other things too. Once you across the score threshold, you can stop worrying about the SAT. You will be considered for the Ivy League colleges and there is time to work on your other things in your application.

Low scores?

The scenario is a bit different if you have not crossed that level. If your score is stuck below 1540, and you dream of going to an Ivy League college you still have a lot of work to do. It is relatively easier to get an SAT score of 1450 than a 1550 so it will be worth your time to improve your scores. The target is to be above average while considering colleges like Harvard and Princeton.

Why SAT Reading and Writing?

You are convinced that 1550 is the level to be sought but why the additional stress of getting an 800 in SAT Reading and writing? Doing this will help the student in balancing the weaknesses in other portions of the SAT exam. When you go for applications, schools will pay more attention to the composite scores than the individual portions. A perfect score of 40 in SAT Reading will make it easier for you to inch towards the 1550 level.

But that is not all. If a student is bent on applying for the humanities or the social science subjects, SAT Reading will have a lot of importance. Hen colleges consider applications, they will start comparing. When you apply for the humanities or the social sciences, you are going to be competing with other students who have similar interests. And they will have remarkable SAT Reading skills. If you remain unconvinced, take a look at the SAT Reading scores from the top colleges like Princeton and Harvard. The 75th percentile SAT Reading score in these great colleges happen to be at least 770.  So if you can work your way towards an 800 score, that means you will be on an equal metric. But it will take a lot of focus and a ton of hard work.

Mental Outlook

Students have heard this a lot. Believing that you are capable has a lot of positive consequences in your results. If you do a bit of research you will get to know that people who weren’t that strong in SAT Reading still managed to get a high score of 800 in their SAT Reading and writing, so it is not impossible. The SAT exam is a standardized exam and SAT scores will be a reflection of how hard you study and also you smart you are at your study methods.

SAT Reading

The SAT Reading portions are designed to trick you. It is important to know how to win at it. The questions that students face at school will be nothing like the questions in the SAT Reading exams so your SAT coaching will guide you through it. Unlike the high school English curriculum, the SAT Reading portion questions have only one correct answer. The questions are designed so that you get confused between similar sounding answers and start to guess. Often you guess wrong. The thing to know is that for every question there is a 100% unambiguously correct answer.

Strategies and Planning

Now we are heading on to the main part without wasting any more of your time. SAT Reading score of 800 will need great SAT coaching strategies and we have listed some tried and tested strategies below to help you out.

  • Strategy 1 Weaknesses

The most important thing in any exam is to understand your weaknesses perfectly. You need to figure out what is lacking in your SAT Reaching preparation and format your SAT coaching concerning that. The main way to find out your specific weaknesses in the SAT Reading portion is by taking a lot of practice tests.

  • First, a student should go and find an official SAT practice test and take the Reading section only.
  • The student should also use a timer for each section, and treat it as an actual test.

If you complete that section within the time then there is nothing else to consider and you can move on to the next one. But if you arent done within the stipulated time, then keep on working on it but mark your answer with a special note saying “Extra Time”. This will help in your evaluation.

When you are done with the practice test, you should start using the answer key and score chart. But remember that your score will be divided into two parts. One will be the real score that you earned with the time slot and the other with the “extra time” questions.

A separate marking mechanism will help you In finding out your weaknesses. Below we have classifications of your extra time score, which will categorize weaknesses.

If your extra time score is below 35, then you have weaknesses in strategy and content.

If your extra time score is above 35, then it is time to look at the actual scores that you got.

If your realistic score is less than 35, then you have some issues. If the difference between the realistic score and extra time score is more than three points, your SAT coaching needs a lot of work. Your main problem in this case is time management. When this occurs, you have to consider whether you are implementing the best SAT Reading strategies available to you, like the best passage reading strategy.

But if your realistic scores are also above 35, then you have a good shot of getting an 800 in your SAT Reading and Writing portions. If the difference in your scores is more than two points then you will have to take the time to learn how to solve the SAT Reading questions more quickly.

  • Strategy 2- Elimination of answers

As mentioned before the SAT Reading questions will have only the right answers. The flip side is that three of the four options will have something that is the wrong thing in them. If you can figure out how to eliminate these three answers then you are set for the 800 SAT Reading and Writing score. You have to consider every single word in those options given because they are there for a reason. Even if the passage text does not support a single word in the answer, then that answer is not the correct one.

Prediction of answers

Before the student goes on to read the answer options, he or she should have the correct answer ready concerning the passage. If you apply this strategy then you can eliminate the trickiness factor of the similar-sounding answer options. The best thing is to come up with the correct answer. Keep in mind that the given passage must support the choice of your answer. To implement this strategy, you have to read and understand the passage pretty well.

The experiment then find the best fit

It is difficult to state in an article which passage reading strategy will work out for you. Some students swear by reading the questions before reading the passage but some opt for reading the passage first. Some popular methods are-

Skim reading the passage and then read the questions

Skim reading the passage means that just going through it without trying to understand every single line. This is just for the general understanding of the passage and tries to finish skim-reading under three minutes. Next, you should go to the questions. If some of the questions have line numbers associated with it try to go back to that specific line and understand it.

Lastly, if a student cannot answer a question within the time frame of thirty seconds, they should drop it and go for the next question.

The important part of implementing this method is that you must be able to skim read effectively.

Reading the questions and then marking the passage

This is also popular and if this is followed then it will be as effective as the first strategy. Before reading the passage, the student should go and read every single question. And when the student encounters questions with line numbers, they should go back and mark those lines. After doing all this, they should skim read the passage, and then try to answer the questions.

Standard method

This method is standard for school students because this is what they have been taught. You need to study the passage thoroughly and understand it. And only then you can go ahead and attempt the questions. This method is very rarely followed as it involves taking in a lot of information that is not important for the SAT Reading section and you may run out of time.

  • Strategy 3 –Identifying the pattern of mistakes

Make sure that all your weaknesses are covered and the simple way to do this is to practice a lot. If the student has access to free materials and books then, he or she will have a lot of practice problems in hand. Be ruthless in analyzing the mistakes that you have made and categorize them. Work on them effectively. If a student fails to understand why they have made that mistake they are bound to repeat the same mistake over and over again.Therefore it is important to understand the pattern of mistakes, and for that, we advise students to attempt 4-5 different and unique questions sets and note all the mistakes to identify a common pattern of mistakes. You need to make a list of the questions that you missed in a mock test and list the reasons why you have missed it. This can help the students to identify the real reasons or pattern behind their low scores.

Some additional tips for scoring high are-

  • Strategy 4- Focus on the italicized introduction

Many students ignore this, but you should not be one of them. Knowing the introduction gives you context, and this in turn helps in your reading.

  • Strategy 5- Be interested

It is not easy to be interested in whatever passage you are reading, but you can at least try to be. If you are not interested, it is easy to tune out and miss out on valuable information in the passage.

  • Strategy 6- Vocab is important but not that much

Many people continue to keep stressing about vocab because it makes them feel productive. The SAT Reading vocab will have common words that will be used in an unusual sense. No need to gobble up the meaning of obscure and difficult words no one uses anymore.

  • Strategy 7- Don’t spend too much time on books and magazines

If you have been a lifelong reader then this will be an advantage, but if that is not the case then this is not the optimal time to start. Concentrate on your SAT coaching and specific strategies.

  • Strategy 8- Extra time

 It is always a good idea to finish early and use the extra time for checking your answers.

Making a study abroad exam plan, which exam plan is best

SAT, SAT II, and AP Tests: Is it wise to prepare for them at the same time?

Before starting in on the strategies to be followed, let’s brush up on what these exams are. As we know, SAT scores are important for getting into colleges. It is a standardized test format that will be required for most college application forms. On the other hand, SAT II is subject-specific tests that are not compulsory for the college applications as the student can opt-out of it. Whether SAT II tests are compulsory for you depend on which college you want to apply to. Different colleges have various policies relating to SAT II. Just like the SAT exams, Advanced Placement exams or most commonly known as the AP exams are offered by the College Board too. AP exams are measures on a five-point scale grading system, and it measures the relative mastery that the students have on various subjects.

Out of these three exams, SAT II and AP tests are most similar to each other. They are not absolutely the same thing, but the trick is that preparing for one will ultimately help in preparation for another. The notable differences among them are that AP exams are geared towards testing the competence of the students with respect to the first-year college material, and the SAT II or SAT subject tests are formed to test the students on their mastery over the high school syllabus. Obviously, there is no one-to-one correspondence between AP and SAT II because currently, there are 38 AP courses while there are only 20 SAT subject test options.

Should I give all three exams of SAT, SAT II, and AP Tests?

It is no secret that most colleges ask for your SAT scores. So if you want to go to a great college, you definitely should be taking the SATs. Now let’s come to the SAT II tests. Many colleges require you to submit the SAT II test scores too. A few numbers of institutions ask you to submit a specific number of SAT subject tests, but there are no strict guidelines on which subject scores to submit. To be sure, you need to be careful about searching for the requirements of your target college. Now, AP exams are not compulsory, but they don’t hurt you either. Having a good score on AP exams means that the student has understood the college-level material efficiently, and good enough scores earn you college credit. The student can also earn micro-scholarships based on those AP exam scores so, they might be a bad idea after all.

So, an aspiring college applicant should be ready for these popular standardized tests like SAT, SAT II, and AP exams. There are merits for them, and each has its advantage. The best strategy would be to prepare for them efficiently. Furthermore, most colleges will have the option of reporting the scores, so even if you do not score well on a specific subject est or AP then, you can choose not to report it.

Advantages of preparing for SAT, SAT II, and AP Tests together

On the other hand, if you take those tests you have the option of covering up bad scores. For example, if one student scores are really bad on the SAT II subject test and well on AP exams, he or she can cover up the bad score by submitting the good one instead. This is a significant advantage when it comes to college admissions. Even though colleges do not require you to take SAT II or AP tests (most colleges don’t), putting great scores on your application will not hurt your chances of getting selected.

Common Mistakes to be avoided while preparing for SAT, SAT II, and AP Tests together

Some students make the common mistake of preparing for the SAT exclusively while keeping the SAT II and AP exams in the back of their minds. It is important to realize that SAT II exams and AP tests will be of great help to your college admissions if you can prepare for them strategically. Going over material that you already know is a lot easier, and taking the SAT II, and AP simultaneously might not be that big of a challenge as you may perceive it to be.

This is one fatal mistake that college aspirants must avoid making at all costs. Admission does not only depend on the SAT scores, and when the competition is this high, you need to do all you can to get into a great school. Even mediocre scores on SAT accompanied by well-written essays and great CVs will make sure that you get admission to a college. It is advisable not to neglect AP and SAT II when you have decided to go abroad for your education.

Instances of this strategy of preparing for SAT, SAT II, and AP Tests together

Many coaching centres are providing guidance for AP and SAT II as well as SAT for the aspirants because they are gaining popularity in India. Places like EduQuest have been successful in producing toppers, and their average scores are also admirable. They provide guidance for AP and SAT II subject tests even when the student is only enrolled for the SAT program so that they can choose further.

Many case studies bear testimonial to the fact that the preparation of SAT, SAT II, and AP tests are useful in college admissions abroad.

For example, if a student in class 9/10 takes up the coaching for SAT. We recommend that students must prepare and plan for SAT, SAT II and AP together to avoid any unnecessary pressure in the future, as if you wait for SAT 1 attempt and then results in order to decide for attempts with SAT 2, THEN YOU WILL BE UNNECCSARY WASTING UP YOUR TIME as SAT 2 is mandatory in top universities and recommended in others. Eventually you will need these examination, now if you wait for good SAT results and only then start preparing for SAT 2 AND APs then by that time student will already in 11th grade and they will not be able to handle SAT 2 (ATLEAST 2 SUBJECTS) AND AP( alteast 4-5) in 11th along with school studies and if it drags down to 12th then students will have to deal with final school examination along with application processing and it will be too hectic or panicky situation for student.



Even mediocre scores on SAT accompanied by well-written essays and great CVs will make sure that you get admission to a college with SAT 2 and AP will help to show that student has the ability to challenge themselves, which will make whole application impressive to consider by the college admission committee.

Suspension or exemption of SAT/ACT? Long live the SAT/ACT

COVID-19 has done a lot of damage to the world, and there have been changes in every schedule and plan. Every industry and sector has suffered due to this, and the education sector Is no exception. Standardized tests, like SAT and ACT, have been used by colleges to judge the merit of applicants for a long time, and due to the pandemic, exams like that have been cancelled. Students cannot take a risk and assemble in a crowded place to take the test, so the universities and colleges across the country are forced to tweak their admission procedure.

Prevalent news

Students and their families always stay on top of the recent news, especially those students who have to take the SAT or ACT. Various news outlets, like Google or many headlines in newspapers, have said that the universities and colleges have exempted exams like SAT and ACT, and their scores are not necessary for admission. Some students were happy at hearing this news, although the new rules left the majority of the people in confusion about the correct procedures to be followed now.

It is important to dissect the news headlines to figure out what they imply instead of jumping to conclusions. When the headlines say that SAT and ACT scores have been exempted, many people might assume that they are under no pressure because SAT or ACT scores will not be considered at all by the universities. This impression leaves them free of obligation.

What do the headlines mean?

The keyword here, that is to be considered, is the word “Suspended”. That word makes the students think that SAT or ACT scores will not be considered in the applications at all, so there is no need to worry about them at all.

The pandemic is the true reason behind such drastic changes. It is simply not possible for the organization to hold exams of MCQ structure. Universities are left in confusion, as they try to decide how to judge their applicants and decide on which students will make the best fit for their institution. Some universities and colleges have already announced that they will be lenient only when it comes to the 2021 admission process. This is reasonable as many students who are applying to colleges might be going through several financial as well as mental problems. So, the policy of being considerate for this batch is admissions are indeed a good one.

What is the catch?

It has never been explicitly mentioned that universities and colleges will not accept SAT or ACT scores!

Let’s assume a hypothetical case to support our argument. What if, due to COVID-19, the schools cannot administer the 12th Final exams, what will the universities do then? The college admissions process cannot take only the scores of the 11th grade when they consider applicants, as that would not make much sense or be effective in any way. Prestigious institutions like Ivy League colleges are not going to consider following this policy at all, so it will be callous to make these sorts of assumptions in the first place.

Importance of standardized tests

Excellent academic institutions like Harvard and Stanford still emphasize a lot on scores of SAT or ACT, and they still make a requirement of the exam. This is not surprising as the standardized tests are an effective way to measure the academic prowess of any student applying. The case is the same for highly selective colleges and universities situated on the West Coast.

What’s the verdict?

Everyone is in the same boat of uncertainty in this pandemic, so nothing can be determined without proper research. Only after going through several university websites and calling their number, we have collected all the information received and compiled them here in this article of EduQuest for your help.

Many universities have never mentioned clearly that they will not take the SAT or ACTs into consideration. All the relevant university websites have clearly said that they will accept scores, which will ultimately help them determine the potential of the student. These scores will also be useful in the completion of requirements of admission as well as deciding the matter of scholarships.

Thus, it is proved that SAT and ACT scores still matter and the competition is going to be fierce as always, and much of the competition will be determined by the SAT and ACT scores only.

What about the exemption of the SAT/ACT?

The headlines weren’t lying, as the universities are not just going to overlook all the applications that do not have these scores on them. Every application, with or without SAT or ACT scores, will be reviewed properly and will undergo certain screening. Applications without standardized scores will be reviewed thoroughly for choosing which ones to keep.

The best strategy is to keep prepared for the exams like the SAT or ACT.  The pattern of these exams cannot be determined as such right now, but these exams will happen in some way and there is no reason to neglect your SAT preparation or your ACT preparation. Anything can happen, maybe there will be an online method of examination where strict marking will be implemented.

Recent Updates

The organization that handles these exams is the College Board, and it earns about $1billion in revenue from SAT. A trusted representative from the ACT has announced that they are ready to make their test go digital if that is what is required. College Board has to keep up offering the universities a platform based on which applicants can be judged.

Fear of going digital?

Digital tests come with complications. When exams are conducted this way, there is an added tension of issues relating to privacy or an increased risk of cheating. To get rid of the cheating factor, ACT has decided to conduct an open exam test. It is taken through an online mode through all over the entire world and has happened in May 2020. MCQ part has no been kept and the FRQ section was made to stay.


 New announcements are occurring and both the SAT and ACT are taking steps so that the students can take these exams online. This will be helpful for students applying this fall.

Among the many universities, we have mentioned a few names that have announced changes in their process of admission.

The University of California has taken the decision to suspend the SAT and ACT requirements for their applications. This news is verified from the UC website. The authorizes say that these requirements are temporarily suspended and they will also figure out financial aid packages if necessary. SAT is optional, not exempted.

As for Tufts University, the students that are applying for the admission process in fall 2021, will be exempted from showing their SAT or ACT scores. Applicants have the choice of whether or not they want their exam results to be considered and if they do, these results will be reviewed in a contextual way. The same goes for the students who do not choose to submit their scores. The holistic approach of Tufts University enables them to evaluate the applications with flexibility and consider the individual student’s context.

Loyola Marymount University has waived the requirement for the ACT and SAT scores for admissions this fall. The 2021 applicants will have leniency due to the disruptions and obstacles of the pandemic. If students can take the test, then they are welcome to submit their scores in their applications. But, that doesn’t mean that the students who aren’t able to take the test will be suffering from a disadvantage. The holistic approach of the institution will reasonably evaluate those candidates.

Lock Haven University will also waive the standardized testing requirement. However, students who have their scores are encouraged to put them in their application for admission. The admissions office will require some additional information due to the changes in their policy and may ask their applicants to agree to a telephone interview. However, certain majors will not be a part of this exemption and they include biology, chemistry, geology, and health science.

As for the University of Texas, the application requirement largely remains the same. They are going to review the applications based on the expected availability of the standardized tests over the next few months. Any changes will be updated on their website.

Harvard, Princeton, Stanford, Duke UniversityNorthwestern University

Final Comments

It is better to remain knowledgeable about the requirements for your Dream College and stay prepared for the SAT or ACT.

COVID-19 and Profile building for the college admissions

One of the biggest collateral damages during this Covid-19 situation is the ability of the teenagers to participate in extracurricular activities like school marching band or showing athletic progress or like debate competitions, running a school club before applying for college admissions.

With this thinking on the bottom line, we have decided to write this:-

SAT waived off for 2021 college admissions,

Universities are going to measure your profile now with even more rigor than ever. SAT will play an important role if attempted but what about those whose center is closed ( as SAT is center specific this time) and they want to see themselves in the best of the universities abroad.

While this pandemic situation has made it more difficult for the students or teenagers to pursue the extracurriculars to share with their colleges.

So, to help them generate the extracurricular ideas during this surreal time, EduQuest helps the teenagers with undergraduate admissions and medical school admissions has shared some of his evergreen tips and strategies about how to pursue the extracurricular and has highlighted about a few of the activities during the time of crisis.

The Evergreen Extracurricular Advice for College Admissions:-

Students need to know the best way to pick activities in normal times before tailoring the advice to the pandemic, where some activities need to be tweaked.

1. It doesn’t matter what extracurricular activity teenagers select :

The important thing is that, what teenagers do with the activities they pick.

For example, Teenagers who play a musical instrument, can start an after-school music class at a local school, and launch a fundraiser to buy instruments for kids who can’t afford them or think of another activity linked to music.

2. Low-threshold extracurricular activities aren’t impressive :

If an activity is easy to join and explain, it’s considered to below-threshold activity.

“Let’s take the typical student who wants to go for well-rounded,” “Science quiz bowl, model UN, decathlon, track team, five AP course. All of these are very easy to explain”.

3. High-threshold extracurriculars will impress colleges :

Focus on the high-threshold extracurricular, which are by nature hard to explain.

“If I told you that there is a student who started a statewide network of art kit distribution to cancer centers,”. This is HIGH THRESHOLD activity which the student has completed/started outside the classroom. Our student who is a Guitar enthusiast started giving Guitar lessons on youtube and created his own website with lessons then further went on making his own band along with a couple of his friends (this is an example of High threshold activity –and a very good example of leadership quality)

One of our students started Home

Other started teaching kids online free and also started many other Quizzes to engage juniors in a knowledge-based and knowledge sharing activities.

Time is very precious for teenagers, for which it gets very difficult for creating space for extracurricular activities. For this, we suggest to cut out fluff activities and focusing on just a couple which is meaningful to the student.

4. Use the application to amplify the activities :

There is always a room for briefly including the list of activities in the Common Application, but the quality always trumps over quantity. Students can use their additional comments section of college applications to share their thoughts and ideas they did and that reflects their character, values, and qualities.

The Extracurricular Ideas During the Pandemic:-

Even with this pandemic, the foundations for college admissions, especially extracurricular activities, are unchanged

“Just as before the COVID-19 outbreak, colleges want to make sure that students are achieving a lot of depth with their extracurricular rather than trying to become a jack of all trades and trying to do everything.”

So things like commitment, achievements, depth, the impact still matters in all situations. Luckily, it is possible for the students to pursue some of their interests today, among which most of it will be virtual.

Some of the Pandemic Ideas are:-

1) Instead of continuing to volunteer as a tutor for the children in an after school program, explore doing it virtually.

2) Startup or join a fruit and/or vegetable swap. I got this idea after reading in the San Diego newspaper about a community fruit swap. Homeowners with the excess harvest from their trees – oranges, grapefruit, guavas, figs, lemons, kumquats, avocados, to name a few – drop off their unwanted fruit, and people who need food come by and pick up a bag of fruit.

3) Create raised beds for vegetables and herbs for senior citizens and others in your community who would like fresh produce but don’t have the ability to start their own gardens.

4) Make bag lunches for people who need food. (As a volunteer in Vermont, my son, who is a tremendous cook, is doing this three times a week for dozens of needy people.)

5) Doing internships virtually. They are available on a paid basis and volunteering too

6) Find a place in social media. Start a blog. Create fascinating knowledge sharing videos. Use Pinterest to show off and deepen your creativity. Consider starting your own YouTube channel.

7) Students who are interested in politics, will have many opportunities to get involved. Campaigning, idea for getting maximum votes, sharing case studies. Etc.

Students can take a deep dive and learn or do something that they never had time for before. Some ideas…

· Jewelry making

· Photography

· Quilting

· Woodworking

· Learning Latin

· Composing music

· Robotics

· Coding

· Chess

· Writing comedy and performing online

Conclusion: Universities would check upon” How you have used your potential” and “How well you have tried to reach to the expertise level” for that particular hobby etc. and finally” how you tried to share that knowledge which is your actual earning”. Now please check out with what you have been doing.

We cover profile building activities advices in EduQuest

SAT & ACT preparation simultaneously? Should we prepare both?


Firstly, to understand the difference between the SAT and ACT it is important to know what is the SAT and ACT? The full form of ACT is American College Testing and SAT stands for Scholastic Assessment Test. ACT and SAT are standardized tests used to take admissions in colleges offering undergraduate programs in the United States and Canada. They also provide merit-based scholarships for students to aid their higher learning. Here we are to spot the differences between the ACT and SAT. SAT and ACT are two contrasting tests that students are required to attempt to take admission to prestigious universities and colleges.  Students are required to choose which test is the best fit for them. Some students prefer to attempt both these tests due to some of the slight differences, but this does not prove to be feasible because of the financial and time constraints.

We have discussed below in this article of EduQuest that “What is the difference between the SAT and ACT? Should we prepare for SAT and ACT together for a safer bet?” in the following points:

Subject material: One of the few differences between the ACT and SAT is that the SAT does not have a science section whereas the ACT contains a science section. SAT also tests scientific knowledge but does not have a dedicated or separate science section. ACT does have a science section but does not test scientific knowledge; it emphasizes critical thinking and judge student’s analytical approach.

Calculator analysis: SAT and ACT both include a math section. Both the tests include trigonometry as well as geometry.  SAT covers data analysis whereas on the other hand ACT includes statistics and probability. The SAT consists of two math sections- one calculator part and other the non-calculator part whereas in the ACT the use of the calculator is prohibited.

Mark analysis or scoring: The ACT marks are measured on a scale of 1- 36 and the SAT is scored on a scale of 400-1600. Marking is done for only the correct answer; it means that mark is awarded for every correct answer and no penalty for a wrong or un-attempted question.

Essay section; Both ACT and SAT consist of an optional essay part.  ACT will judge students on how they scrutinize and evaluate complex issues whereas in SAT students are been judged based on their comprehension knowledge. The universities do not consider the essay scores in the admission process as both the tests have an optional essay part.

Time duration: Refer to the table given to know the difference between the SAT and ACT via the time duration of both the test

65 minutes- Reading45 minutes – English
35 minutes- Writing60 minutes- Math
25 minutes- Math(without calculator)35 minutes- Science
55 minutes- Math(with calculator)35 minutes- Reading
50 minutes- Essay (optional)40 minutes – Writing (optional)

 The ACT is the shorter of the two tests – three hours 35 minutes with the writing part and three hours without the writing part. On the SAT is much longer than the ACT- three hours without the essay section and three hours 50 minutes with the essay part.

Test Fee: There is a slight difference in the cost of both the tests but it depends upon the students whether he/she opts for one or both the tests. SAT charges around $65 with essay and $48 without essay whereas ACT charges around $63 with writing and $46 without writing. All the charges mentioned here are just for reference purposes. You need to check the official website to know the actual test fee.

Most of the colleges offer admission on the basis of the ACT or SAT scores, and therefore as per our opinion both the tests hold the same importance. Students may provide scores of both the test while applying for admission to the desired college. Most of the students are now attempting both the ACT and SAT. Changes done in 2016 on SAT have made it easier for the students who want to prepare for SAT. The best method to choose either SAT or ACT or both, the applicants can attempt full-length mock tests after SAT preparations and ACT preparation. Students need to choose one of the best SAT Coaching or Act Coaching to be fully prepared for the exam.

Reasons to take both THE SAT and THE ACT simultaneously

Prepare adequately: You are putting into schools with cut-throat competition and drawing up a stellar college solicitation which means you may end up wanting to take systemize tests more than once to gross your aspiring points. If you begin by planning to attempt both the tests, you will be able to decide which one displays your ability well. You will not need to duplicate your preparation time for the test to give both the SAT and the ACT.

To get an edge in admissions: After SAT and ACT Preparations and after attempting each test, students can focus on which college to be preferred according to their scores. Students can submit scores of both the tests to their desired college to get an edge in the admission process.

Acceptance of both the scores in colleges: Most of the colleges consider either of the SAT and ACT scores but they accept both the scores. Evaluating both the scores colleges can come to know about student’s abilities to the full extent. SAT and ACT score shows the abilities of a student in different facets of academics. It helps the colleges to access the students better.

Common subjects: Despite having a few differences in the test, there is some subject matter which overlaps. This helps the students in both SAT Preparation and ACT Preparations. They can review SAT Coaching material to prepare for the exam in an effective manner. Many subjects and its syllabus are common in both SAT and ACT. SAT does not consist of a science section and lesser content in math. Some common topics are geometry, probability, reading, grammar, essay, algebra. Both the test involves high knowledge and skills of high school level.

Efficient preparation: If you want to be a part of prestigious colleges and competitive school which makes you end up attempting for the standardized tests more than once to score well. Opting for both the test reduces the pressure of double preparation and reduces time consumption. Preparation can be done efficiently and effectively in a lesser time period.

Open ways for more options: Opting for both SAT and ACT provides more flexibility in choosing test dates. Consult SAT Coaching to help you to prepare effectively and efficiently for both the tests. We prefer to prepare for both tests for excellent results and cost-efficiency.

Understanding SAT SCORES and SAT percentile for UG admissions

All of the SAT coaching and SAT preparation is geared towards getting the best score you can have and getting admission to the dream school. This is quite an important test that gets to decide your future path. There are many questions which a student may have regarding the SATs. Questions about scores, percentiles, and retaking of tests are always valid and should be answered by reliable sources. One of the best ways to ace your performance is to grasp the concept of SAT score percentiles. Doing so will make your SAT preparation easier and your chances higher for a great college. Refer to this article of EduQuest to get the complete detail about the scoring1600 in SAT.

Understanding SAT score percentiles

The total SAT score that a student gets will range from 400 to the perfect score of 1600. On top of that, the student will receive a percentile score from 1st to the 99th percentile. This score is not the absolute value but it tells you what your performance is compared to the other test-takers. To get a better understanding, consider this-

If a student has a percentile of 67 that means that student has scored higher than 67% of the students that have taken the test. These scores are used by colleges to rank you concerning the other students. If you have a 90 percentile score, which translates that you have performed better than 90% of the students, that will be an immense advantage for you when applying to colleges.

How to compare absolute scores with SAT score percentile?

So what SAT score means that you will have a high percentile? Students who have never taken the SAT exam before or who plan to retake it should consider this question carefully. This is not a difficult problem to solve because the College Board will release data that will help you calculate your needed SAT score. Below, there is a chart to guide you.

Total SAT scorePercentile that you will receive
1550-1600Above 99th percentile
1500-155098th to 99th percentile
1450-150096th to 98th percentile
1400-145094th to 96th percentile
1350-140090th to 94th percentile
1300-135086th to 90th percentile
1250-130081st to 86th percentile
1200-125074th to 81st percentile
1150-120067th to 74th percentile
1100-115059th to 67th percentile
1050-110050th to 59th percentile
1000-105041st to 50th percentile
950-100033rd to41st percentile
900-95025th to 33rd percentile
850-90018th to 25th percentile
800-85011th to 18th percentile
750-8006th to 11th percentile

If you look at these numbers carefully, you will get to know that the percentiles for the SAT scores changes quickly for the middle numbers. If a student increases his or her SAT scores from 1450 to 1600 he or she will get an increase in a percentile of about 4 points. But if the increase in SAT scores happens between 1100 and 1250, then the students get an increase of more than 20 percentile points (59 to 81 percentile score).

What more is there to know about SAT scores?

Almost every institution will consider the total percentile scores but if your area of interest is geared more toward the math abilities r toward verbal abilities, section-wise percentile scores will also be important. For additional information about these scores, refer to the chart below.

Section Score RangeEBRW PercentileMath Percentile
780-80099+98 to 99+
760-78099 to 99+97 to 98
740-76098 to 9996 to 97
720-74097 to 9894 to 96
700-72094 to 9792 to 94
680-70092 to 9489 to 92
660-68088 to 9286 to 89
640-66084 to 8883 to 86
620-64078 to 8479 to 83
600-62072 to 7875 to 79
580-60066 to 7269 to 75
560-58059 to 6664 to 69
540-56052 to 5957 to 64
520-54045 to 5249 to 57
500-52038 to 4540 to 49
SAT Maths and English

If you pay attention then you will notice that the trend is the same as for the composite percentiles. Increasing your score in the middle will get you more points. If you keep this in mind when you are in SAT coaching and doing your SAT preparation, it will be smart studying as you can get the best percentile you can achieve by knowing these trends. The Math section of the SAT exam is more of a challenge towards the top when you compare it with the EBRW section. If a student wants to get the same percentile score in both sections then the student will have to get a higher score on the Math section.

What is the point of knowing all this?

Sat scores and the resulting SAT percentiles will affect your college admissions. Your dream college will have an expectation for you to get a certain percentile score and calculating the relevant composite score will help you prepare.

Colleges have their score ranges and these ranges do not change much from one year to the next. It is advisable for the student to check out these ranges. There are loads of information on these ranges on the internet websites.

Even if you are considering retaking the SAT exams, knowing your SAT score and the percentile score associated with it can help you plan ahead.

What are the scores that usually students get on average?

Well, every student has SAT coaching and SAT preparation on their mind. But the average scores tell a lot about the difficulty levels of an exam. As per the reports of 2019, we have computed the average scores on the SAT exam for your help.

For the Math section, students usually score around 528.

As for Evidence-based reading and writing, the SAT score of students is around 531.

So, in total the average scores are around 1059. This tells you a lot about what SAT scores you will need to get a better than average performances in your tests. Having this information is an advantage for your SAT preparation.

How much does it all matter?

It is true that a great percentile score will be advantageous for your college admissions. But do not forget that SAT scores are not all there is for college admissions. Ultimately, colleges will also look at your extracurricular activities and your recommendation letters. SAT scores are definitely not more important than your grades, so do not focus on SAT coaching only. Your needed SAT scores will depend on your choice of college. There are a lot of colleges and SAT scores will vary as well as their acceptance rates.

What is the information on colleges and SAT percentiles?

There are a few schools that students usually target when trying to get a college admission. We have compiled a list with the 25th and the 75th percentiles for the relevant schools as well as their acceptance rate. This chart will help you further in deciding your targets.

Name of the University25th percentile75th percentileRate of acceptance
Stanford University138015805%
Harvard University143016005%
University of Pennsylvania138015709%
Rice University1410157015%
Columbia University141015907%
Duke University1380157011%
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Check it again?

Many students want to get their SAT scores checked again. The College Board follows a great process to ensure that the scores are correct, but if you are not convinced and you want to double-check, there is a way. You will have to access the score verification service, that will make you fill out an SAT score verification form. There is also a fee related with this service. As per recent updates, the fee is $55.

Still not satisfied?

If you believe that these SAT scores do not reflect what you could have done, then the best option is to retake the test again. Even if your first attempt results in a low SAT score, that does not mean that you will never get into a good college. Make sure to take the SAT coaching seriously and apply again for a better future.

Some colleges only look at the highest score that a student has got from the SAT. So, if a student retakes the test and scores higher at that time, the college will only consider that greater score and not the previous one.

Retaking the test is not the only option. Some colleges have a policy where students can choose which scores to report on the application. Even if you did not do well, you can always choose not to report that specific score to increase your chances. But all schools do not have this rule. So be sure to check the college regulations.

Final comments

As mentioned before, your SAT scores and percentiles are not the only determinants of getting into an excellent school. So, do not neglect your grades because of your SAT preparation. Research shows that students with respectable grades and great SAT scores have a bright future in academics.

These percentile figures are there to help you plan better in SAT coaching but do not focus on these numbers too much. At the end of the day, the higher you can score the better for you. So, concentrate on your SAT preparation and strategies. If you can manage to do that, you can also surpass these averages and easily get into the college of your choice. Percentile scores are there to keep a track of your performance, so do not let these numbers overwhelm you. You should develop a target SAT scorekeeping your dream college in mind and study accordingly.