Top reasons why students score High GPA but low SAT score

Being a brilliant student, who had been getting a High GPA in school, but receiving a low SAT score? It is noticed that the scores in both examinations fluctuate greatly for many students. A student’s brilliance in academics can be determined by both or either one of the SAT and school’s High GPA scores. However, one may actually get a low SAT score whilst being excellent in their high school years, with a high GPA score. Vice-versa has been observed as well. Both the examinations are very different from each other; thus, a student has to prepare differently in order to maintain a High GPA score in school as well as avoid getting a low SAT score.

Scholastic Assessment Test, or better known as SAT examination, are more complicated in nature as compared to high school examinations. SAT actually differ as it includes questions that involve technique and problem-solving methods. Such exams allow students to tackle problems beyond bookish knowledge. SAT scores are important for taking admission to good colleges and universities. A low SAT score does become a problem, even if that same student has a High GPA from school. The marking system in the SAT exam is divided into two sections of scoring – one for Evidence-Based Reading and Writing, and the other for Math. School exams are more linear in nature and allow a student to excel in a certain limitation. In schools, a student is let to study upon a material from which questions are framed and prepared for the examinations – thus, increasing the chances of the student getting a guaranteed score according to their preparation. The marking system in schools does vary from place to place, however, it has always been linear with the students I.e. the student receives grace marks if silly mistakes are made; or if a student writes a lengthy answer, they are given marks for efforts; etc.

There are many students, who have done extremely well in school but have gotten low SAT scores. Below in this article of EduQuest there is a list of reasons explaining why a student may have gotten low SAT scores even though they were doing academically well in school:

  • On an SAT exam, any mistake costs a full credit – therefore, there is no room for silly mistakes. Many students fail to realize that unlike school, SAT does not allow any grace or half marks. If there is a spelling mistake – the entire answer is observed to be incorrect.
  • Students usually do not look through all the guidelines or rules of the SAT examinations. The guidelines and rules of the SAT examination are very different from that of school. One should realize the difference, and work accordingly in order to obtain a very good score.
  • In order to obtain the maximum score on the SAT examination, the student must look into the minor differences present in the exam – as the minor differences make the major impacts. For example, if a student tries to solve a math question the way they solve such questions in school – they are more likely to make sillier mistakes, which will no fetch them any credit eventually.
  • One must utilize their time wisely, as in – since, all questions are worth the amount of credit, it doesn’t make sense to spend more time on hard questions. It would be smarter to answer all the easier questions first in order to gain more marks/credit.
  • Seeking proper SAT Coaching. Students who have scored extremely well in their school years, tend to believe that the SAT is a cakewalk. SAT is anything but a cakewalk, and proper guidance is required. Thus, it is advisable to seek SAT Coaching.
  • There are students who prepare for the SAT in the same way they have prepared for their school examinations. SAT Preparation is definitely more complicated than that. However, other than attending tuitions, one may seek help from social platforms, such as YouTube, for guidance.
  • GPA method of scoring for students in school gives more of a chance for a person to score better. A student may score well in two subjects, while one subject he/she hasn’t scored enough in comparison. In such a situation, the GPA score is the number that is scored in subjects on average, helps the student to obtain a High GPA in an overall scenario.
  • A High GPA has got nothing to do with a low SAT Score. It has been noticed that many students seem to justify their SAT preparation and performance with their High GPA scores. Unfortunately, even though both are equally important for college entrance or even for career, they do not have any link in general – hence, it’s always better to work hard on them both.

A student has to be mentally focused and be prepared for any question that can be thrown at them during the SAT examination. There are students, who have not done well in school but have scored extremely well in their SATs. This may be because their SAT Preparation has been different, or their SAT Coaching has been helpful – several other reasons as well. There is, of course, no restrictions on how many times one may wish to sit for the SAT exam – nevertheless, scoring well in SAT just like scoring a High GPA in school, seems to have become a challenge for many. 

Why should you always dream for Ivy Leagues?

Ivy League, established in 1954 is an American collegiate athletic conference comprising eight private universities in the north-eastern United States. All eight universities are at the top 17 of the 2020. The Ivy League schools are considered as some of the most prestigious universities of the world. The eight Ivy League universities are namely- Harvard University (Massachusetts) , Yale University (Connecticut), Princeton University (New Jersey), Columbia University (New York), Brown University (Rhode Island), Dartmouth College (New Hampshire), University of Pennsylvania (Pennsylvania) and lastly, Cornell University (New York). Since a long time these Ivy League schools and colleges have gained worldwide reputation for producing graduates with high academic performances, social prestige and bright future career. The Ivy League is the dream of many young students. The reputation and position that it holds is enough to say about these schools and why one should dream for it. Here in this article of EduQuest, we have discussed “Why should you always dream for Ivy Leagues?” in the following points:

Student Oriented: The best part of Ivy League is that it is highly student oriented and wishes to bring a change in the world. It helps and shapes the professional career of the students. However it’s not easy to get into these institutions. It looks for students those are all rounded counting from academics, personality to co-curricular activities. Most of the student’s dream to study in Ivy League is not fulfilled due to their difficult admission selection process. Only a few are able to get into it, but those selected students receive the best of education that compensates to all the hard work they did to get into it.

Extracurricular activities: Ivy Leagues not just gives importance to academics but also knows the importance of co-curricular activities. There are several clubs that students can join as per their interest. Ivy League looks for over all development of its students. The students get so many advantages are the very reason why one should dream for Ivy Leagues.

Alumni Network: One of the most important perks of being into Ivy Leagues is its alumni network. This alumni network means the chain of graduate from the same university. After graduating from these schools the student is not only equipped with a world class education, but also become a part of the elite class of graduate that helps them seize opportunities. The name of being under Ivy League is all that requires joining alumni’s together. From the very freshman students get the advantage of being into Ivy League and that’s the reason why you should dream for Ivy Leagues.

Direct access to resources: These universities maintain a very tough selection process both for professors and students. However it also means that the best of the best gets into Ivy League. The professors are brilliant individuals and the students who get to study under them get the best handpicked resources. Students get direct access to brilliant professors, researchers and academics. Ivy League gives great emphasis to the quality of education. The professors maintain the quality of teachings and looks for their students in every possible way. The quality of the education is something that cannot be compared to any other university and that make Ivy Leagues a dream for students.

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Job: A graduate from Ivy League is well paid than an average graduate from other universities. The name and reputation is enough for an Ivy League graduate to seize a job. An Ivy League degree is of great value while sitting for a job interview. In the 2019 Global University Employability Ranking, half of the top ten slots were taken by Ivy League universities. The reputation of the Ivy league directly depicts the quality of their students which no one can doubt about.

Experience: Being in an Ivy League means the student is surrounded by a brilliant students and faculty leading to an enriching academic and social experience for all the students. With access to direct resources to the variety of students who have unique personality to learn new things every day. All the students will have a terrific experience throughout the league journey.

How aiming for high is good for students?

Refer to the following points to know how aiming for high is good for students:

  • One of the important factors of aiming for high is good for students is because of their high aims their dreams start inspiring and motivating them in every aspect of life.
  • Another important factor of aiming for high is good for student is because they start thinking differently and unique from others which enhance their creativity and skill set.
  • The third important factor of aiming for high is good for student is because of the high aims they want to improve, learn and come out of their comfort zone to experience growth in life.
  • The next reason how aiming for high is good for student is that they start discovering opportunities in every field.
  • Another reason of how aiming for high is good for student is that they learn and cherish their experiences whether it is success or failure in life.

Though it’s very tough to get into an Ivy League, but the perks that it have cannot be denied. It has a very strict and high standard selection process and the best students can only get into it. The universities have maintained their standard in terms of their education and the results brought by the students. It gives importance to all round development of the students. Not just academics but also looks for extracurricular activities. That’s the very reason Why should you always dream for Ivy Leagues.

Profile Building for College Admissions for 8th/9th Grader

Best profile building for 8-9 Graders: For any structure to be complete and stand the test of time it needs to have a strong foundation. Every foundation building exercise starts at the beginning, thus for a solid college application its best to start profile building when one is in their early years of high school, i.e. 8th-9th grade.

 Building one’s profile is a dynamic and active exercise. A profile is a filter through which admission teams view an applicant. For a strong and successful application, demonstration of effective, adaptive and consistent effort towards your chosen specialty is pivotal. Here in this article of EduQuest which primarily coaching students for SAT coaching we have discussed complete details about the Best profile building for 8-9 Graders.

 There are many reasons as to why profile building is important for 8th-9th graders, some of which include:

  1. Profile Building makes planning High School Courses Easier

Choosing the right subjects in high school is confusing, to say the least. Profile Building is early stages makes the applicant have a clearer vision as to what path one wants to lead and makes the choice a relatively easier task

  • Increased efficiency to plan out standardized tests (SAT/ACT)

Standardized tests play a pivotal role when it comes to university admission processes, thus they can be equally overwhelming. By pre-building your profile, you will have time to manage and plan out how to give your tests with higher efficiency.


  • You can start building a strong profile within extracurricular activities

Extracurricular activities are very important for a holistic application this time is the best to explore one’s interest by participating in activities of interest, if done early they will help you gain a better understanding of what you want to pursue and help you gain positions of higher authority as you progress in a certain extracurricular activity since the start.

  • Opportunity to apply for numerous resources of financial aid

There is a lot of scholarship or financial aid opportunity available for applicants who are still in their early years of high school. Best profile building for 8-9 Graders will open new opportunities for applicants looking for financial aid and these opportunities are relatively easy to get as there is less competition due to limited awareness.

 Best profile building for 8-9 Graders starts with understanding what an application is. An application highlights all the important part of your profile. A good application is a combination of a strong and highly targeted show of effort and excellence in three main forms — expertise in academics, engagement in community services leadership in extracurricular activities.


 A profile is usually showcased by the following elements in an application that is accessible to an admissions officer:

  • CGPA or test percentages of high-school or college
  • Test scores of standardized tests ( SAT, ACT)
  • Personal Essays (Statements, Application Essays, Personal Insight Questions, Additional Personal Information, etc)
  • A Letter of Recommendation
  • A CV or Resume or in some cases a Portfolio
  • A Writing Sample
  • An Activity List for undergraduate applications
  • In most cases when you are an average student who isn’t a prodigy or a star athlete their applications need to be interesting enough to be considered in most colleges. Here are some points to consider as you make your application an eye-catcher:
  • Your Scores Matter

As opposed to connotations that most college admissions are driven by personal biases or discretion of the admission officers, studies conducted have shown that the more objective elements like CGPA’s, test scores(SAT/ACT), gender, ethnicity, and such play a significant role in determining the applicant’s success.

  • Specialize in your interests 

The more subject-specific your interests are the more invested you come across, thus making your application stand out even more. Thus it’s always a solid bet to specialize in your interests as much as you can.

  • Know your field

For higher education like masters degrees, it is highly important for an applicant to know how their industry runs, its basic function to hold a firm grasp on mature subjects pertaining the field of study taught in the master’s degree

  • A diverse but cohesive application

For applications spanning throughout different degrees in different countries, Years of your life are summarised and compressed into sentences. An admissions officer has to review hundreds of applications per day, your aim should be to present an unconventional angle as a hook, convince them that you are not part of the crowd by pursuing a series of activities that are diverse in the form like publications, online writing, social services, academic endeavours, debating, internships, and more, but more or less cohesive in content that is in a particular field of interest. At the end of the day, college admissions and the evolving art of profile-building is established in the fact that focus is valued. This is something you must prioritize the most.

 It is important that maintain open communication between you and your parents when you starting preparing for your High School or College. Your parents will not only support you, but they also help you understand your interests and are there to advise you on the same.

 We hope that this article has helped you in understanding the importance of and Best profile building for 8-9 Graders along with SAT/ACT coaching perceptive.

Why You Really Need to Wonder about Cost to Study Abroad?

Seeking benefits from higher education can be rewarding when you head to foreign nation to get enrolled. Studying abroad is indeed a life-changing experience that brings you a chance to improve your skills and expand your knowledge. Nowadays, getting enrolled in your favorite university is never a complicated task. Of course, you can open up the doors of many avenues after completing your courses in foreign universities. Before you seek admission to your favorite foreign university, scoring best in SAT exam brings win-win results for you. 

If you are in a mood for grabbing the opportunity to study abroad, you should definitely go for the SAT institute first. It makes a world of difference to join the SAT institute and seize a chance to enhance the international future for both private and professional life. However, money matters a lot and could affect your decision of studying abroad. There is a lot to take into account. But, you can proceed in the right direction if you work hard and do homework accordingly. Doing plenty of research and preparation helps boost your chance of building your future the way you want. 

To help you decide whether or not to go on a study trip, you have to think about the common obstacles that may find your way when you wish to study in a foreign country. Even if studying abroad is your sole concern, you have to take a glance at confusion and questions that can squeeze your mind. The first and foremost concern is money. You may often think “How much foreign study could cost you?” Considering things that lie between the varying university fees for different programs and score you attain in SAT exam. To make things easier and simple, this post is made to answer all your queries from how much it will cost to study abroad to how you can get enrolled with the utmost ease. 

What Affects the Cost of Studying Abroad? 

Before you make a decision about pricing the average cost of studying abroad, many factors may come to your mind and influence your decision. Different countries and courses are not enough to determine. Since the estimates of costs for courses in different countries vary widely, there are common factors that may affect your decision of studying abroad. You can easily wind up the cost of study in foreign if you research thoroughly prior to joining the SAT institute. 

It’s not just about wondering how much your study will cost. You should also understand what expenses are covered and what aren’t in the particular course that you want to get enrolled for. Here are a few things unveiled to help you understand what can affect your overall cost of studying abroad. Let’s have a glance at the costs that you need to cover. 

  1. Coaching You Require 

First thing that makes room in your list of expenses is the coaching fee. Whether you want to join the SAT institute or any other program, tuition fees will vary depending on the courses you want to join. Every country has a different education system and so is the cost of studying. If it’s about SAT score and you don’t want to make a hole in your pocket, it will make a huge sense to join the SAT institute in Gurgaon

  • Cost of Living 

After determining the cost of coaching and tuition, rent and day-to-day expenses are the second major concern. The cost of living will help you decide whether you can afford to study abroad or not. Locating affordable locations to live in and evaluating the budget for other relevant expenses will be important to consider. 

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  • Transportation 

The last major expense is the cost or traveling anywhere in the country. From hostel to university and flights to local transports, you have to make sure your program fee covers everything to provide you the ease of studying abroad. It may sound like a burden. But, you don’t actually have to feel panic. Just take a deep breath and consider all the transportation expenses that shouldn’t cost you double. 

Generally, there are three major expenses that you have to take into account when you want to make your life easier by studying abroad. Embarking on the adventure of studying in a foreign country is not something that has to burn a hole in your pocket. 

Have a Look at Top Universities for Studying Abroad

Studying overseas seems interesting when you make the best choice for university. Many universities are there in major countries that people always dream of getting enrolled in. Here is a list of top universities based in major countries that you can opt for to reach your educational goals.

  • Harvard University, USA

When you want to get enrolled at Harvard University is the oldest institution for higher learning in the United States of America. Here you can pursue top courses such as MBA at INR 55.5 lakh, Bachelors of Arts in Computer Science at INR 37.5 Lakh, Masters in Architecture at INR 40.3 Lakh.

  • Stanford University, California (USA)

Stanford University based in California ranked among the top five universities in the world. The fees for courses may be bit expensive as INR 56.4 lakh for Masters in Business Administration, INR 41 lakh for Master of Science in Civil and Environmental Engineering, INR 56.4 lakh in MBA in Entrepreneurship, INR 1 Crore for Master of Science in Management, and INR 41.9 lakh for Bachelor of Engineering in Architecture Design.

  • The University of British Columbia, Canada

The University of British Columbia is a large institute for open and regular courses. The university offers courses such as Full-Time MBA at INR 32.6 Lakh, Computer Science (BSc) at INR 19.4 lakh, Bachelor of Commerce in Business and Computer Science (Vancouver) at INR 25.9 lakh, Master of Engineering Leadership in Dependable Software Systems at 28.3 lakh, and many other courses.

  • University of Alberta, Canada

University of Alberta based in Canada offers many courses such as MBA in INR 15.3 lakh, B.Sc in Computer Engineering at INR 21.4 lakh, Doctor of Dental Surgery (DDS) in INR 48.4 lakh, BSc in Engineering Physics at INR 21.4 lakh, and so on.

  • The University of Melbourne, Australia

Founded by Hugh Culling Eardley Childers in 1853, the University of Melbourne is based in Australia. The university is offering courses like Master of Science (Computer Science) at INR 20.4 Lakh, Full-Time MBA at INR 44.1 Lakh, Doctor of Medicine at INR 34.6 Lakh, Master of Information Systems at INR 20.4 Lakh, and other major courses.

  • The University of Sydney, Australia

Based in Australia, the University of Sydney is also popular for many courses such as Master of Business Administration (Leadership and Enterprise) at INR 24.6 Lakh, Global Executive MBA at INR 33 Lakh, Master of Logistics and Supply Chain Management at INR 22.9 Lakh, Master of Architectural Science (Sustainable Design) at INR 21.4 Lakh, and other 114 courses.

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  • University of Oxford, UK

Well-known UK based the University of Oxford offers 17 courses and some of them are MBA at INR 55.7 lakh, BA (Hons) in Economics and Management at INR 28.1 Lakh, MSc in Financial Economics at INR 42.2 Lakh, MSc in Law and Finance at INR 36.5 Lakh.

  • University of Greenwich, UK  

University of Greenwich has made its place among top institutes. You can pursue courses like Computer Systems and Network Engineering, MSc at INR 12.6 Lakh, Engineering Management with Industrial Practice MSc at INR 14.5 Lakh, and Pharmaceutical Sciences with Industrial Practice MSc/PGDip at INR 14.5 Lakh here.

All the universities mentioned-above are popular and most preferred by students. The fee for 1 year mentioned above may vary. You can also look for further affordable options as:

  • The City University of New York, USA

Also known as CUNY is a public university system in New York City, having 26 individual institutions. It is indeed a good choice for the affordable institute.

  • Memorial University of Newfoundland, Canada

Memorial University of Newfoundland with its roots in Canada offers affordable courses to enhance your knowledge without causing you a financial headache.

  • Staffordshire University, UK

Staffordshire University is among the most inexpensive university in the United Kingdom that offers you varied courses. You can consider this university if you want to study abroad at affordable prices.

  • University Of Divinity, Australia

Among cheap universities, University Of Divinity is known for providing a myriad of courses to students, interested in philosophy and ministry.

There is no shortage of options that you can make when it comes to getting enrolled in your desired courses. You can easily find foreign universities based on your needs and budgets now. You can also seek assistance from experts. Moreover, you can consider taking the SAT exam to chase better opportunities.

Join SAT Institute to Afford Study in Abroad 

Nothing could prevent you from making your career with foreign degrees. Saving bucks won’t be a cumbersome task if you join the SAT institute before applying for your favorite course in foreign universities. This way you will not only enhance your skills but also lower the cost of studying overseas. Without sacrificing any aspect, you can prepare yourself for abroad studies by scoring the best in SAT exam. In fact, you can easily make studies in abroad affordable by joining the SAT institute right away. Now, join a reliable SAT coaching in Delhi to improve your scores and pay for what you actually have to make abroad studies affordable. 

Why EduQuest has the Best SAT Coaching Classes in Delhi?

Delhi is the hub of education and has no. of private and government colleges providing the country’s best undergraduate courses. The word “Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam” means “The World is One Family”, so the educational opportunities for Indians are not limited to India only. Students want to explore global options when they seeking admission for graduation courses. SAT or Scholastic Assessment Test is the most important undergraduate university admission requirement for institutions in the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, and Australia. Test takers need to prepare very hard to get success in the exam. These exams are conducted by the board to evaluate the students based on knowledge gained in the school.

best sat coaching in delhi
Best GMAT Coaching in Delhi

Eduquest is the best SAT institute in Delhi which helps the aspirants to achieve their score goals. We provide tips and tricks to save students time during the exam.  A good score can increase our chance to get admission in the world’s best college. Hence, enrolling in the best SAT coaching classes which can assist you in scoring high in the exam. We offer Classroom SAT coaching, blended SAT coaching, SAT online learning plans, and SAT practice tests. In the view of COVID 19 situation, we recommend you to take our affordable online SAT learning classes.

Ace the SAT preparations with SAT Institute Delhi

When it comes to SAT Institute in Delhi, EduQuest institute holding #1 position. Since 1993, EduQuest has been guiding students through academic excellence and all-round development. Our expert faculty follows a simple teaching methodology. Their aims to produce maximum results with minimum effort in SAT. When preparing for SAT depend on various aspects such as SAT score, CV transcripts, Essays, Letter of recommendation etc. We organize a lot of workshops on presenting and debating skills,  personality development in Delhi along with preparing for the SAT.  Eduquest Delhi has an exhaustive and comprehensive study material for SAT preparation developed through 25+ years of research.


Why Join Eduquest?

  1. We provide coaching by preparing a roadmap for every student.
  2. Crash courses are also available.
  3. Personality development, skill development provided
  4. Providing Regular assessments
  5. End to end application support
  6. Our aim to score 1500+ scores with minimum training hours.
  7. Our teachers are coming from prestigious universities like NIT, IIT, world best MBA colleges.
  8. Improving aspirants communication skills, public speaking skills

Prepare for SAT with the team of experts at SAT Training Institute in Delhi

While preparing for SAT always take the help of experts because they can provide full details of the scoring pattern and tell you about an average score. The SAT exam is divided into math and evidence-based reading and writing along with an optional essay. All the sections are scored on a 200-800 scale. The total score is obtained as a sum of all the marks obtained in individual sections. The SAT score can be valid for 5 years. SAT exam can be given at different intervals. This is the major examination whose scores are accepted by many good colleges and universities in various countries. On a scale of 0-1600, every college has a set bar for admissions in different courses. A good SAT faculty can help you to learn easy tricks and score the perfect marks with best SAT Classes in Delhi.

No age criteria are appearing for SAT examination. However, this examination is given for only taking admissions in undergraduate courses. So, most of the candidates are around 17-19 years of age. SAT exam does not include negative marking which reduces the chances of obtaining lowest scores. Eduquest one of the best SAT Institute Delhi which helps the aspirants to understand the pattern of the examination and provides detailed information of the entire syllabus. The SAT examination marks help universities to predict future academic success of a student seeking admission to undergraduate programs at various educational programs in India and abroad.

SAT Course Features

1, Online Test series for SAT

SAT test series are taken at regular intervals along with the course.  The pattern will be same as the live SAT exam. You can compete with many aspirants who are preparing for exam and know your strength and weakness.

2. SAT study material

 We provide full SAT Study Material for students to focus specifically on what is needed to achieve your score goal. The course also includes official SAT Papers and their detailed solutions for students to practice. We provide materials according to the key categories included in the examination.

3. Special Query Sessions

We provide doubt classes to solve every student’s doubts. Also having special doubt removal sessions for the students appearing in SAT Online Test Series.

4. Live & Interactive SAT Classes EduQuest provides online SAT classes so that you can earn at your place. SAT Coaching online sessions would focus on general preparation strategies, tactics and individual progress and on what subjects to focus more.

Why and how the SAT is a better bet than ACT

why and how sat is better bet then act

ACT and SAT are the most famous exams which are taken by the students for admissions in USA colleges. Both of them are taken by millions of students across the world for admissions. ACT and SAT exam tests the understanding of students based on reading, mathematical, reasoning, and language skills. The tests are thorough and only those who have perfectly learned the material can crack the exam. Taking up coaching is always a better idea to hone skills well. There are many available options for SAT coaching in Gurgaon for students to take up.  

Since both these exams have very much similar syllabus and both are accepted by the colleges across the USA, many students get confused as to which exam to take up. Many students and parents tend to believe that ACT and SAT are the same and that if a student prepares one, he or she would be able to sit for another. However, the reality is different. The approaches for both exams are different. SAT has a tougher vocabulary whereas ACT asks for higher-level trigonometry and geometry. Yet the SAT is a better deal than the ACT due to the following reasons:

  1. No science section: ACT has a reading science comprehension section. There is a passage that has to be read and questions related to science have to be answered from that. So if a student is not well versed with science concepts, ACT is not a perfect bet for him. Moreover, an extra science section always increases the pressure on students.
  1. Time management: In SAT time management is crucial, but in ACT time management is everything. There are 154 questions in the SAT with 3 hours, whereas the ACT has 215 questions with 2 hours 55 minutes. A student will get 50 seconds to solve one question in ACT, whereas in SAT it would be 1 minute 10 seconds. Hence, there is a super rush while solving the ACT exam. Moreover, the approach of the ACT exam is as such which needs much more reading as there are long passages.
  1. Easier Maths section: The Maths section in SAT exam comprises of algebra and basic data analysis, whereas the ACT exam comprises of tougher and advanced level trigonometry, algebra, geometry, and logs. ACT exam Maths hence can be challenging for those who dread Maths. The level of Maths asked in the ACT is higher as compared to the SAT, and due to this SAT is a far better bet than ACT.
  • Essays: ACT essays are more focused on writing your judgments. A student would be given three different arguments and perspectives in the ACT essay. He or she will have to read all the arguments properly and will then have to write his judgment regarding the problem given. Whereas in SAT, the student will be given a passage to read on, and based on that passage, he or she will need to write up the arguments and judgments put forth by the author. Hence, ACT is more for those students who can put up several examples with instant arguments and judgments at the stop. SAT is most suited for those, who have greater reading and comprehension capacities. Putting up logic at the spot, with concrete examples is far difficult than shaping up ideas already given. Moreover, for additional help students can take up SAT coaching in Delhi for increased performance.
  1. Test dates: The ACT exam is offered 6 times a year, as compared to 7 times of SAT. Hence, it is an additional benefit for students of 1 more added exam in a year.
  • Reading skills: In the ACT exam, fast reading skills are required. That means long passages which though are easy, need to read swiftly; whereas in SAT, small passages need to read along with the skills of reading in between the lines. SAT exam is hence less time demanding and easier for students as far as reading is concerned.

SAT exam is hence a better deal for students, due to less stress on time management, no science section, easier Maths section, shorter passages of English, argumentative analysis, and more dates in a year. For those students, who wish to prepare for the SAT, there are many famous SAT coaching in Gurgaon to brush up their skills and knowledge. A proper strategy along with focus is highly crucial for doing wonders in the SAT exam.

In – person classes is not a condition anymore for a student to be in US!!

We guide International students reaching their Dream school abroad.

There is a important Visa breaking news: This afternoon, the Trump administration has announced that International students “will not be requiring in-person classes” in order to be eligible for an F-1 visa.

The reversal is due to nationwide pushback. Seventeen states and 180+ universities sued the federal Govt. over the proposed changes. The message is clear – “US values international students and continue to be a leader in accessing their education to all whoever wants to study in America.”

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Sat vs Act Essay

SAT vs ACT Essay

The importance of the Essay writing skill:

The skill of writing is a very crucial part in someone’s life. It is the way of expressing one’s thoughts and ideas. This is the reason it in important in the life of every student and professional regardless of their field of specialization.

SAT and ACT Essays:

In both SAT and ACT, essay writing is an optional part. But there are several colleges that take these marks into consideration because of the intellectual value of this skill. The essays required in both these tests are different in many aspects. In this article, we will know more about various requirements in this section of the exams and the minute differences that make the sections different in the two exams.

The two essays in these two exams vary in different features. The time provided, the points provided, the analysis and outside knowledge required and the complexity of the topics are different in the tests. Below, we are discussing the features of the two tests in details.

Example of the types essays expected in SAT and ACT:

As we have discussed before, the SAT essay demands high analysis and the ability to search for important information in a given passage. It is like re-developing a pre-written historical incident. One has to explain the incidents based on the proofs and witnesses available to them. It takes the ability to analyze every proof and deeply understand the root of the incident. To give it a complete shape, one has to describe every layer of the story, from it’s origin to it’s superficial surface. And there is always a chance to be wrong as there is a right answer present and the examinee has to achieve that through their researching ability. This can be harder than it sounds and it is always recommended to seek expert guidance while preparing for SAT. If you too want to be completely ready before sitting in that exam, contact us for the best SAT coaching in Gurgaon.

The amount of time provided in each test:

The time provided in SAT and ACT exams are 50 minutes and 40 minutes respectively. Even though the time allotted in SAT is more, the length of the essay is also more than the essay in ACT. The ACT essay needs to be written in 250-300 words but the SAT essay’s word limit is 650-800 words.
So, even though the time is more, the length of the essay is a contributing factor in the time management in each test. The SAT and ACT essays both need a fair amount of reading. So, time management is the game changer in these tests. To understand the best ways to manage time SAT and ACT coaching centers help a lot. We are the best SAT coaching in Gurgaon and the best ACT institution in Gurgaon, too. Contact us to enroll yourself for the course.

The prompt for SAT and ACT essay:

The prompts provided in both tests have very different features and the requirements also vary for the tests.

In SAT, one is provided with a piece that has an established argument. The examinee needs to thoroughly read and understand the passage first. Then the examinee has to describe the thought process of the author of the piece in accordance with the given passage. He/she has to take parts of the passage as evidence to describe how the author established the argument. It takes a fair amount of analysis and the ability to stand in someone else’s shoes while describing their point of view. To obtain such analytical skill you can contact us for best SAT coaching in Gurgaon.

On the other hand, in the ACT essay, the passage given has different perspectives. The examinee has to thoroughly read and understand the perspectives, analyze them and develop their own perspective based on that conclusion. The essay should also contain the relation between the perspective of the examinee and the given individual perspectives. To help you with the preparation of that, we have the best institute for ACT in Gurgaon. Contact us to enroll yourself for the preparatory course today.
Analysis and outside knowledge:

Different types of writings require different skills. The SAT essay demands a deep analytical thinking where you can think from the author’s perspective. Authors are generally great with words and metaphors and it is really complicated to interpret the true meaning. In SAT if you can’t interpret the true meaning, you will be considered as wrong.

On the other hand, in ACT there is no question of being correct or incorrect. You have to develop your own perspective for the essay. But one needs fair amount of outside knowledge to describe and establish the perspective with examples.

The ACT essay on the other hand requires a very different approach. You can neither be completely right nor be completely wrong. As the essay tests your outer knowledge and your ability to form your very own perspective by judging both sides of a story. It can be best explained by the example of a half filled glass of water. Some say it’s half filled, some say it’s half empty. The ideal answer for this would depend on the point of view of the writer. One has to understand the meaning and roots of optimism and pessimism and come up with a point of view that is neither optimistic nor pessimistic. As long as you stick to the truthfulness and integrity of the given statement you can never be wrong. And that is what makes this test tricky. As you cannot be wrong, only being right is not enough. You have to obtain the ability to come up with the most suited point of view and explain it in the best set of statements you can think of. As the essay only allows you 250-300 words, you need to be precise and objective. We always recommend good guidance to prepare for the test. If you are planning to give the ACT test soon, contact us to enroll yourself in the best ACT Institute in Gurgaon.

This diversity makes both essays complex in different ways. One needs to look deep within to understand their strengths and weaknesses to understand which test is suitable for them.

The following chart outlines the major differences between the ACT and SAT essay:

The most important point of difference between the SAT and ACT essay prompt is that the SAT essay tests for whether a student understands how an argument works, whereas the ACT essay prompt asks for the student to make an argument. It’s important that students understand this crucial difference, especially those choosing between the SAT and ACT tests. Each prompt presents its own particular challenges and difficulties, and it’s important that the student know what is expected of their writing to achieve the best score possible.

While the essay on both the ACT and SAT is now optional, many colleges still require a writing score as part of the college application. Preparing for the ACT or SAT essay can be daunting, however, with proper tutoring and guidance, students can achieve strong writing scores that will only help enhance their college applications.

SAT Exam 2020-21 International Dates and Deadlines

Explore International and US SAT dates announced by the official site for SAT.

Sat Exam 2020

Bounced back with a BANG!! Giving SAT exam opportunity in every month in a row till December 2020. Giving back Universities a smooth run again and filtration parameter to choose the kind of students they wanted to fill their seats with.
COVID 19 Update from SAT: Due to COVID-19 concerns, College Board has canceled May 2, 2020, and June 6, 2020, SAT and SAT Subject Test administrations. Makeup exams for the March 14 administration (scheduled for March 28) were also canceled.

College Board has announced that they plan to provide weekend SAT administrations every month through the end of the calendar year, beginning in August. This includes a new administration on September 26, along with the previously scheduled tests for Fall 2020. LEARN MORE
Get YOURSELF Registered for the SAT
Check out the process
The SAT is an administered test that schools and colleges use for admission. Enrollment for the SAT should be finished by the student, not by a parent or advisor. To enroll, you’ll have to do the accompanying only.
Pick your test date and attempt to get your SAT registration completed as quickly as possible. Late registration accumulates extra charges, and far off centers due to the unavailability of nearby centers.

• Decide between the SAT and the SAT with Essay, which is discretionary. A few schools require the SAT essay, so discover early. You’ll additionally need to see whether you have to step through SAT Subject Examinations, which are likewise required by specific universities.

• Registration can be finished online on the College Board site

• Be sure all your personal data matches the exact information on your photo ID

• For recognizable ID proof, upload an image of yourself.

• Decide on whether you need to utilize the College Board’s Student Search Service, which is free however expects you to give extra data about yourself.

• Once your form is finished, make certain to print out your Admission Ticket, as you’ll require it upon the arrival of your test.

NOTE: There are many many questions been asked by this form and they do this to create their own database and which has nothing to do with any admission process neither any university reads it out so SAVE your time and fill only ASTRIXED marked question in the form, which actually only 3-4 percent of the total form.

SAT 2020 Exam Highlights

sat exam 2020

When you should take the SAT
The SAT can be taken anytime at the beginning of your freshmen. However, most students take the test in the spring of their junior year. Doing so will give you sufficient opportunity to give the exam twice, which is highly suggested, as 70 percent of students improve their score the second time around.

Once you receive your initial test results in your junior year, you’ll know your weak points and can prepare to retake the test if you so choose. In case you’re not happy with your score, you can step in for the examination for the second time in the fall of your senior year.
For competitive exams, the preparation should be hard-pressed. As competition is getting thicker and thicker day by day so you should if aiming for a super score, prepare with

The sooner the better for preparation so we have our programs starting from 8th grade as preparing for PSAT makes SAT SUCCESS granted.

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Read Also: Five Year Integrated Program (8th, 9th, 10th, 11th 12th) – Small Batches (5-7)360 Degree Approach

What to Do on Test Day
Do not touch books a day before, eat healthy and light food. Enjoy a hearty breakfast, and make sure you arrive at the test site early. In most cases, doors open at 7:45 a.m. and close at 8 a.m., and you won’t be admitted once the test has begun.

Carry permitted calculator with you.
• Admission Ticket and photo ID
• Two number 2 pencils with erasers
• An approved calculator and extra batteries
• A watch with all alarms silenced
• A drink and snack for the break

The test administrator will read all the instructions before you begin. They’ll also tell you when you can start or stop working on each section. You must work on each section during the allotted time, and once it’s complete, you cannot go back. You’ll likely receive both a 10-minute and a five-minute break sometime during your test, which are the only times for eating and drinking.

Once the test is complete, the administrator will collect and count all test booklets to ensure everything has been turned in before students are released.

Home Tutors: The Deliberate Choice Made by Students in COVID 19

Life changes in seconds, and without a call or an alarm. See for yourself- who knew that there would be something like COVID 19 happening around and the life of people would be disrupted. This is a good and practical time for the student fraternity to look out for private tutors near their homes and undertake tuition classes in subjects like Math, English, Physics, Biology, and Chemistry.

In these sensitive times when certainty is uncertain, and the need for exquisite home tutors is felt ever more, students have to focus on finding the tutors who offer tailor-made tuition classes on subjects like Math, English, Physics, Chemistry, and Biology.

The requirement for an expert tutor relates to a very practical idea, and this is directed towards learning. A good and learned tutor can only delegate learning and understanding on a particular subject and also help the students to strengthen their fundamentals. Once the fundamentals become string, students can compete in any world and on all levels. In this manner, students face themselves on a complete advantage side. On the contrary, if a home tutor is not experienced and appropriately qualified, the future of students is in ultimate jeopardy.

Home Tuitions: Encouraging Personalized Way of Learning

Home tuitions in COVID 19 Economy have come out as the boon for student fraternity, which is already struggling to find the appropriate means of learning. They are already hanging in balance whether they should self-study and learn by themselves or look around for subject wise home tutors nearby. There cannot be an any better solution than home tutoring as in this method, tutor and the student sits in close proximity and the learning is catered in either one to one, or one to three, or one to four environments.

Home tutoring offers better means of learning, and this is advantageous over self-tutoring and rote learning. The rate of success and learning doubles up when you are learning a subject or studying for entrance examination form home-based tutor. Your personalized home tutor will provide you with customized learning on the subject, and this is what you have already desired from the beginning.

Personal Home Tutor is Gifted

A qualified and experienced personal home tutor is always a gifted personality, who is not having an in depth understanding on the subject, but can also materialize customized learning to meet the learning needs of his or her prospective student. If this happens, the student feels himself or herself immensely gifted. It is the way for creating a continuous learning environment where mutual ideas are shared and understanding prospers. The teaching modules are also designed in such a manner that learning becomes pretty easier, comfortable and quite focused. Innovative home tutors in Delhi, India are also utilizing state of the art supplemental aids to carry forward direct learning in home settings. In fact, the idea of classroom settings is now more of a laid-back thing, though it may still persist in the future.

And there is one more thing out here to get through right away- Tutoring lessons is the only hardest thing that a thoroughbred tutor can carry out under his guidance. The module practiced in teaching is going to exceed the ones prepared and delivered in classroom settings. Home tuitions as these are delivered in the times of COVID are not only restricted to only delivering the homework. It is becoming a concept development medium and helping several students to become decision-makers in exam settings.

Choice You Make for a Home Tutor Nearby

Before selecting the home tutors in Delhi, India, it is obviously the responsibility of the students to understand their specific learning needs. Not all types of subject tutors offering online courses will make an overwhelming difference to the learning. A learned tutor should have thought-provoking and intellectual bent of mind wherein he could ease the subject knowledge and ensure flow of information regularly. This is the point where a prospective student should be talking of frequency matching and the level of adaptability. The students searching for home tutors in Delhi and nearby his home, need to show patience and adopt the comparative strategy.


Look out for best home tutors in Delhi, India in the times when there is an outbreak, and India is going through the testing times, whereas the teaching community is living in an ultimate conundrum.