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Online AP Prep Classes | Advanced Placement Test Courses- Online & Classroom classes

(Projects, activities and initiates)

4-5 score Guaranteed

When we prepare a student for AP course it doesn’t only limited to classes and mocks but projects also which give our student an edge over their competitors. Knowing what to focus on is often the hardest part of preparing for an AP exam, more so when high school education may be affected. All AP exams are supposed to be challenging

Choosing AP courses will show your dedication to a particular subject, and colleges will let you choose your favorite major and gaining credits that ultimately reduces your yearly fees and foundation course will be waived off, simple.

 Good AP marks certainly send a favorable impression about a students’ performance during their high school, on the Admissions Officers but yes students are requested to keep in mind that less score in AP exam tests don’t help in anything so it has to be at least on a scale of 4-5.  The sole motive for taking AP exams should not only be to impress the Admissions Officers but also to attain knowledge which will eventually help a student with university studies.

AP Exams

Advanced Placement (AP) is an academic program for school students, as AP is college level studies so syllabus is huge and it prepares a student, while still studying in high school. Through this program, not only can high school students get a taste for university-level studies, they can also earn college credit, which can help students graduate early, it enables a student to choose their favorite course college and most importantly it helps in wining scholarships. This program can be started as early as from 8th grade, laying the foundation stones. For high school students rigorous training of 6-7 months will be good too.

AP preparation at EduQuest for admissions to globally prestigious universities like IVY League Institutes, MIT, Stanford etc.

Main features of our course:

1.We provide AP coaching by preparing a roadmap for every student.
2.Step wise step “improvement ladder” marked on a individual student sheet.

3.Module based preparation.

4.Section wise assessment, special attention on improvement areas.

5.Course ends when student reaches its potential.

6.Artificial Intelligence based online test

7.Test Generation facility

8.Proven Adaptive model of coaching

9.We provide rigorous testing phase

It is a special course designed for students who aspire for their undergraduate degree in the topmost universities across the world. Students can simultaneously prepare at EduQuest for Advance Placement along with their other commitments in school/college. Keeping in mind that along with formal school/college education, most of the students are also preparing for competitive exams, this course has been designed to meet the requirements of the student community as a whole along with proper planning for suitable subject tests.


Students studying in school who are desirous of studying abroad are recommended to opt for this course.


Classes will be held only after coordinating with a student in accordance with their availability.


2. Hybrid
3. Classroom

AP exams in India

37 AP courses are available in total. However, only 24 of those courses are currently available in India. These courses fall under a variety of subjects, including the Arts, Sciences, Social Sciences, Mathematics, and English. For a comprehensive list of the AP courses available in India, you can visit:


Scoring :

APs are scored on a scale from 1 to 5. Each score means the following:

1: No recommendation

2: Possibly Qualified

3: Qualified

4: Well Qualified

5: Extremely Well Qualified

A score of 3 is considered to be a passing score, 4 and 5 of score should be targeted by students. However, for course credit, every college has different policy.

If you’re looking to research the guidelines of particular colleges or universities, you can take a look at AP’s college database, which can be found at:


When Not To Take APs

The important advantage of the AP test comes from the fact that they offer college students an advantage to earn university credit during their school years. Similarly to the APs, the global International baccalaureate (IB) curriculum additionally gives college students an advantage to earn college credit earlier than coming into – or maybe applying for – college. While as the APs are a sequence of additional exams alongside a pupil’s ordinary studies, IB is a dedicated curriculum, just like ISC or SSC, and has been gaining popularity in India over the past few years. Students take 6 subjects – 3 at a high level (hl), and 3 at a standard level (sl). Presently, universities also offer credit for subjects taken at hl. A few universities might also offer credit score for sl courses, but, this differs from college to university. Because the ib curriculum also gives a chance to earn college credit, and is a rigorous path in its very own proper, it also includes endorsed that students now not take APs if they’re analyzing beneath the ib.

The flip side is to be on the safer side by applying to APs even while studying with IB as in case scores in IB goes low there will be AP to save your day.

APs In India:

AP exams have gained popularity in India, a growing number of schools to offer them along with their regular educational system. If your high school does not offer the AP program, and you want to appear, you have one of three options available to you:

1 . Studying for the APs. You can visit https://secure-media.collegeboard.org/digitalServices/pdf/ap/ap-india-faqs.pdf for guidance as to where to procure textbooks if you are looking to self-study for the APs.

2. Take an online live AP course. Offline AP course in Gurgaon, Delhi NCR, Noida, South delhi, East Delhi.


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