Why and how the SAT is a better bet than ACT

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why and how sat is better bet then act

ACT and SAT are the most famous exams which are taken by the students for admissions in USA colleges. Both of them are taken by millions of students across the world for admissions. ACT and SAT exam tests the understanding of students based on reading, mathematical, reasoning, and language skills. The tests are thorough and only those who have perfectly learned the material can crack the exam. Taking up coaching is always a better idea to hone skills well. There are many available options for SAT coaching in Gurgaon for students to take up.  

Since both these exams have very much similar syllabus and both are accepted by the colleges across the USA, many students get confused as to which exam to take up. Many students and parents tend to believe that ACT and SAT are the same and that if a student prepares one, he or she would be able to sit for another. However, the reality is different. The approaches for both exams are different. SAT has a tougher vocabulary whereas ACT asks for higher-level trigonometry and geometry. Yet the SAT is a better deal than the ACT due to the following reasons:

  1. No science section: ACT has a reading science comprehension section. There is a passage that has to be read and questions related to science have to be answered from that. So if a student is not well versed with science concepts, ACT is not a perfect bet for him. Moreover, an extra science section always increases the pressure on students.
  1. Time management: In SAT time management is crucial, but in ACT time management is everything. There are 154 questions in the SAT with 3 hours, whereas the ACT has 215 questions with 2 hours 55 minutes. A student will get 50 seconds to solve one question in ACT, whereas in SAT it would be 1 minute 10 seconds. Hence, there is a super rush while solving the ACT exam. Moreover, the approach of the ACT exam is as such which needs much more reading as there are long passages.
  1. Easier Maths section: The Maths section in SAT exam comprises of algebra and basic data analysis, whereas the ACT exam comprises of tougher and advanced level trigonometry, algebra, geometry, and logs. ACT exam Maths hence can be challenging for those who dread Maths. The level of Maths asked in the ACT is higher as compared to the SAT, and due to this SAT is a far better bet than ACT.
  • Essays: ACT essays are more focused on writing your judgments. A student would be given three different arguments and perspectives in the ACT essay. He or she will have to read all the arguments properly and will then have to write his judgment regarding the problem given. Whereas in SAT, the student will be given a passage to read on, and based on that passage, he or she will need to write up the arguments and judgments put forth by the author. Hence, ACT is more for those students who can put up several examples with instant arguments and judgments at the stop. SAT is most suited for those, who have greater reading and comprehension capacities. Putting up logic at the spot, with concrete examples is far difficult than shaping up ideas already given. Moreover, for additional help students can take up SAT coaching in Delhi for increased performance.
  1. Test dates: The ACT exam is offered 6 times a year, as compared to 7 times of SAT. Hence, it is an additional benefit for students of 1 more added exam in a year.
  • Reading skills: In the ACT exam, fast reading skills are required. That means long passages which though are easy, need to read swiftly; whereas in SAT, small passages need to read along with the skills of reading in between the lines. SAT exam is hence less time demanding and easier for students as far as reading is concerned.

SAT exam is hence a better deal for students, due to less stress on time management, no science section, easier Maths section, shorter passages of English, argumentative analysis, and more dates in a year. For those students, who wish to prepare for the SAT, there are many famous SAT coaching in Gurgaon to brush up their skills and knowledge. A proper strategy along with focus is highly crucial for doing wonders in the SAT exam.

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