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The expert faculty and the Eduquest Mentors believe in the obvious implication, that if no two students are alike, then why should plan of action and preparation be same in the Undergraduate Admission? Thus we strive to provide every student under our care with a tailor-made strategy that not only helps them develop and build themselves inside the classroom but also outside of it. Undergraduate admission abroad with college admission counseling services. University admission consultants with Best-in-class career counselling and profile building.

Undergraduate admission abroad

EduQuest Mentors firsts assess each student’s area of interest, their innate passions and hobbies, their strong points and their weaknesses and thus curate a personalized approach to preparation for each student for UG Admission. We ensure to incorporate a perfect and essential balance of the student’s strength, goal and interests. This way, the student can hone their skills and strengthen their application and at the same time, set themselves apart from other students. The customized plan of admission aims at augmenting the student’s application and brightening their chances of getting into their university of choice. Given our personal experiences and our expertise in the field, we understand that not all students face the same problems and dilemmas in the process of Undergraduate Admission. Hence during our one-on-one sessions, we provide students with guidance and pieces of advice that to their issues.

College Admission Counseling Services

We organize weekly workshops for the students on how to build an impressive profile. These workshops cover every aspect, be it extra-curricular activities or research papers. Through these workshops, EduQuest Mentors not only provide able guidance but also contest the idea that only some electives or skills are the right choice for getting into a foreign university. We value each student’s individuality and encourage them to hone the skills they wish to and, this is what sets our company apart from the majority of other Indian educational institutes. We also urge and promote students to work with other like-minded, driven, and diligent peers on projects. Collaborating on such projects helps every student involved, in building communication and social skills along with teaching them teamwork.


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